Do Men Want to Date New Millennium Women?

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12 thoughts on “Do Men Want to Date New Millennium Women?

  1. You know, there has to be a happy medium for me. While I don’t like women who are too aggressive when it comes to dating, neither do I like women who are too passive. If I have to do all the work, all the deciding, all the thinking, then I am going to get fed up. Why? Because if you can’t be bothered to put some effort into the date / relationship then you are sending me a message that you really don’t care enough about it.

    I like a woman with “get up and go” but that is not the same as aggression. I have no problem with women asking me out on a date, deciding what we are to do this weekend, but please don’t confuse having drive with being a nag 😉


  2. This is great, really got me thinking. I once dated a millenium woman and if i’m honest never again. I’m all for empowering women and I dont believe gender should ever be considered relevant when it comes to career progression but my millenium woman was so focused on advancing certain aspects of her life that she lost many of the human aspects that I loved about her i.e sense of humour, the ability to switch off. Balance is essential.


  3. I don’t know Dee…I think this is an article of yours that I’d have to disagree with. Are some women power mongers who don’t focus on their love lives… sure!…but there’s plenty of men that do that too and they don’t get criticized. After I finished reading this all I could think of was Tina Fey’s quote about Hillary Clinton.

    “People call her a bitch,” “but you know what?” “bitches get stuff done.”


    • but there’s plenty of men that do that too and they don’t get criticized

      That’s because of society’s expectations of us – we are expected to have drive and ambition, if we’re then not we’re losers. Women still have the option of not having ambition.

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      • You make a very interesting point that women have the option of not having ambition while men don’t.

        However, I will say that I have seen a lot of women settling for men without ambition these days. Perhaps this is a growing trend that breaks the mold of men having to be ambitious? Thanks for giving great perspective to this topic!!!


    • Great insight J!! You’re definitely right that men aren’t usually criticized for the same behavior. Using aggressive business approaches in dating isn’t conducive to the pursuit of love, whether it’s a man doing it or a woman. Thanks for checking out my article and taking the time to comment! I love getting your feedback!!!


  4. I really love all of your articles! You are going to be a great writer, keep it up. I had a new millennium woman. Unlike most men, I wasn’t intimidated by her success it actually felt good to see the drive for success she had.


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