Date The Man You Want!!

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Image courtesy of Stockimages /

Often times, women are so eager to have a boyfriend or get married that they allow themselves to date the first man that comes along who is open to a relationship.

Unfortunately, many women fail to determine whether a man is a quality person, let alone the right man for them.

With their sights set on marriage and kids, some women will overlook the fact that a man lacks certain important qualities.

Date The Man You Actually Want!

What many women fail to realize is that who you date is ultimately who you marry.

If he acts a certain way when you’re dating, you best believe he’s going to act the exact same way if you get married too!

Neither you nor a marriage can change a man into something that he is not.

In fact, whatever he is now may be amplified over the years so make sure a man is actually right for you before jumping into a relationship with him.

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Image courtesy of Photostock /

Don’t Try To Change A Man

It’s very foolish to think you can change a man.

So, instead of dating any man that’s willing to call you his girlfriend, take the time to decipher whether a person is right for you and whether you’d be a good match.

If you feel the need to change a man, then you’re in the wrong relationship!

Save yourself the time and heartache and date the man who actually is who you want to date!

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6 thoughts on “Date The Man You Want!!

  1. Neither you nor a marriage can change a man into something that he is not.

    Refreshing to hear this coming from a woman, Dee 🙂


  2. Good article, but I would add that it’s important to see a man holistically. If a woman wants a particular kind of man in her life – a “quality” man – he comes with tradeoffs. A successful man, for example, doesn’t get that way by being extremely attentive to his romantic relationships. A romantic guy might not be as successful. A guy with perfect abs is not going to enjoy your Italian Pasta dinners.

    The perfect guy – good looking, successful, romantic, intelligent – might exist, but most likely the woman reading this won’t be attractive to him. The rest of us guys are really good at some things (I’m good at making money, eating at the Y and lifting heavy things) but are terrible at others.

    I would give up everything for the right woman, I just haven’t found her yet. But then again, maybe she wouldn’t like me if I did.


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