Should You Have A First Date On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and while this is great for couples, it’s not so great if you just met your date. If you go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you can expect restaurants to have a more intimate feel, you’ll be surrounded by couples showing a lot of affection, and you may be bombarded by people selling flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears.

The romantic pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day and seeing many other couples smooching, exchanging gifts, and holding hands could make the date feel very uncomfortable or awkward. Or, the romantic ambience might even make you want to act more lovey-dovey with your date than you should. 

On top of this, your server will most likely assume that you and your date are in a serious relationship and ask you questions or make comments that could make you both feel uncomfortable like, “How long have you been together?” “You guys look like such a happy couple!” “I love how you two are keeping your relationship spicy by celebrating Valentine’s.” “It must have been impossible for you guys to get a sitter tonight.”

When you are on your first few dates, you shouldn’t have to explain to anyone that you are not in a relationship or that you just started dating. But, this is often what happens when you have a date on Valentine’s and it’s the early stage of dating. Even if you have been on a couple of dates, going out on Valentine’s could add a little too much intensity to your budding romance.

First dates can be nerve-wrecking enough without the added pressure of being on Valentine’s Day. They should be fun and easy breezy, not jam-packed with tension from the extreme romance surrounding the date. So, you should definitely avoid having your first few dates on this one day of the year, but if for some reason you really can’t get around scheduling a Valentine’s Day date, try to do a fun activity that won’t incorporate the romance of Valentine’s Day.

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