Help! My Girlfriend Breaks Up With Me Once A Week!

Dear Dee’s Dating Diary,

My girlfriend keeps breaking up and getting back together with me. At first it happened every few months, but now it’s been happening once a week and I don’t know what to do. I love this woman. We’ve been dating for a couple of years and I forgive her for doing this, but it’s really starting to make me feel bad about myself and I want it to stop. Every time she breaks up with me she says we’re not compatible, but we never fight and we have a great time together. What should I do?

Dear Dater,

You definitely don’t deserve to be put through this kind of emotional roller coaster, but the good thing is that you’re recognizing her bad relationship habits with you. In the beginning, she only broke up with you every few months, but now it’s happening every week, which tells you that this behavior (and the relationship) is getting progressively worse.

Although you say you guys never fight and have a great time together, there is obviously something else going on underneath the surface that’s causing your girlfriend to want to jump ship frequently. I do think it’s important to point out though that just because you never have disagreements in a relationship, doesn’t mean it’s a good relationship. Your situation is a great example of that.

If your girlfriend felt like the relationship was great too then why would she keep breaking up with you every week? Maybe your girlfriend is considering being with another man, maybe she feels like she’s settling by dating you, maybe she’s always looking for the next best thing, or maybe she has commitment issues. Unfortunately, without knowing your girlfriend, I can’t pinpoint the source of her relationship anxiety.

What I can say for certain though is that there’s something going on that your girlfriend isn’t talking to you about. Have an open, non-confrontational conversation with her about how this back and forth has made you feel and give her an opportunity to explain her true feelings. This will allow you to address any issues she may have been afraid to bring up in the past.

If communicating about this problem doesn’t resolve it, then all I can do for you is help you see what it is that you really want out of a relationship. While you can’t control your girlfriend’s behavior and stop her from breaking up with you periodically, you do have control over yourself and what you accept or tolerate from women. So, consider the following questions and answer them honestly:

  1. Do you believe you deserve unconditional love?
  2. Do you want to be in a relationship where you feel like your girlfriend loves you as much as you love her?
  3. Are you okay with constantly worrying about when your girlfriend will break up with you next?
  4. Do you want to date a woman who, after a couple of years, knows definitively that she only wants to date you?
  5. Do you want a girlfriend that won’t take you on emotional roller coaster rides every week?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine what’s best for you and how to move forward. In my personal opinion, your girlfriend’s behavior says that she doesn’t value you or appreciate you to the extent that she should. Girlfriends should make you feel better about yourself not worse. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether your girlfriend really loves you or whether she’s going to break up with you next week.

Nonetheless, give her a chance to redeem herself by opening up to you and re-committing herself to the relationship. If this doesn’t work or she doesn’t want to, it’s time to cut your ties not only for your emotional well-being, but also so you have the ability to find the kind of love and relationship you truly desire and deserve. A good man deserves a good woman, not a woman who doesn’t recognize what she has!

Always do what is best for your emotional well-being. I wish you all the best!

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Yours Truly,

Dee Simone

Best Online Dating Sites To Use In 2017

With hundreds of online dating sites to choose from, how do you know if you’re picking a good one? Well, trial and error is certainly an indicator, however, that’s time-consuming and there’s more sites to try than anyone has time for.

For this reason, online dating site reviews are great sources of information to shed light on which sites may be the best. analyzed over 60 online dating sites to determine which sites were the best. Find out which dating sites made the list and see which site was dubbed most underwhelmingBest Online Dating Sites.

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Are You Really Ready For Better Relationships?


Ladies, consider these questions:

  • Have you ever been dating a guy who suddenly disappeared into thin air?
  • Is it hard for you to trust men?
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  • Do you feel like there are no good men out there?
  • Do you think you need to settle for any man who is willing to marry you?

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The first half of this book will guide you through making positive, internal changes using strategic exercises along with tailor-made affirmations. The second half is comprised of dating advice that helps you identify what your Mr. Right looks like while you gain valuable knowledge that will help you navigate the dating world.

Coupled together, this will ultimately bring about the amazing love you truly desire and deserve. You’ll not only be bursting with confidence, but you’ll also be equipped with the tools you need to quickly weed out the frogs and live happily ever after with your prince.

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How One Immigrant’s Story Gave Life To A Life Coach (Press Release)



MIAMI – February 25, 2017 – Dee Simone’s story starts 50 years ago, with the story of her immigrant father, a man who was homeless in Nigeria because his mother abandoned him. Simone has a story—and a life—because her father convinced his best friend to sell his car and give the money to him so that he could buy a plane ticket to the United States of America. With $20 in his pocket, Simone’s father came to this country, worked as a janitor—and at several other odd jobs—and put himself through college and then medical school. 

After Simone’s father found success as a doctor, he brought his best friend to the U.S. and helped him get through medical school to become a doctor as well. Simone’s father’s generosity didn’t stop there; he provided free healthcare and conducted free medical missions within his communities in the U.S. as well as communities in South America and Nigeria.

One of four daughters, Simone became an attorney, a certified mediator, a dating and life coach, and now an author. Following in her father’s footsteps, she continues to give back to her communities and inspires women to find happiness and true love by loving themselves first. Her unique book, Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve, is more than just dating advice. It’s a journey about self-love, personal growth, and pursuing your goals.

Before providing women with the tools and dating advice they need to identify what their Mr. Right looks like and then how to keep him, this book first encourages women to critically evaluate themselves—using strategic exercises—to recognize the ways they have hindered their own dating lives and relationships. Simone also helps women create tailor-made affirmations to build their confidence, recognize their strengths, and replace any negative thoughts or beliefs about men, dating, and relationships. This book is surely a game-changer!

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About Dee Simone – Dee Simone is your dating and life coach extraordinaire. She’s a licensed attorney and certified mediator with a degree in sociology. Dee also writes dating advice articles for online publications and created Dee’s Dating Diary ( to provide women with valuable dating advice they can use in their everyday life. 

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Is Sarmassophobia Hurting Your Dating Life or Relationships?

Recently, I was asked about the causes of sarmassophobia and how it affects women and their ability to get into relationships. Not having heard of sarmassophobia, I had to do some digging. I learned that sarmassophobia or malaxophobia is the fear of love play, for example, caressing, fondling, or other acts of physical intimacy. 

Who Is Affected By Sarmassophobia?

In my opinion, I think sarmassophobia would be common to victims of rape, sexual abuse, or sexual assault, although women who have not experienced sexual trauma could also have this phobia. For women who have been sexually victimized, developing a fear of love play is completely understandable.

For the other women, the fear of getting too close to a man and getting hurt, heartbroken, or let down in the long run could be the cause of their sarmassophobia. Or perhaps it could simply be the result of not wanting to move fast with men, not wanting to be used for sex or seen as a sex object, or not feeling comfortable enough with someone to engage in love play.

I was also asked whether I think sarmassophobia is a generational problem created by the fact that we are so consumed by social media and unrealistic views of love. With dating apps like Tinder and casual hook ups being more acceptable, to me, it seems more plausible that sarmassophobia would be declining among women who have not been sexually violated. 

How To Overcome Sarmassophobia

I do feel that it’s really important for women suffering from sarmassophobia to determine the root cause of this fear. In identifying the reason for your fear, you’ll be able to start making progress towards overcoming the fear altogether. If the cause of your phobia is from sexual trauma then psychological counseling with a licensed mental health professional will be necessary and extremely helpful.

Now, this isn’t to say that women should openly and freely engage in love play with men they don’t know, don’t like, or aren’t comfortable with. You definitely want to take the time to get to know the person you’re dating before you engage in love play.

The point is, if you meet a great guy who could be your perfect match, you want to be able to give him a genuine chance and not push him away because of your fears or past experiences. You can’t blame every man for one man’s actions.

If a man makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or makes unwelcome physical or sexual advances despite your rejection, immediately remove yourself from the situation.

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Are You Single This Valentine’s Day? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re single, you shouldn’t mope around the house on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples showing each other love, it’s also about showing love to your family and the people you care about.

Brighten a loved one’s day with a thoughtful card and chocolate, have a fabulous dinner with your bestie and paint the town red afterwards. It really doesn’t matter what you do, you could stay home and binge watch TV shows all night. What’s important is that you are making yourself happy and sharing your love with the people you love.

There’s no reason to be sad on Valentine’s Day. You have to be patient for the right love to come along and while you wait you should be working on loving yourself and making yourself happy. Doing this will keep you from sabotaging your next relationship by putting pressure on your boyfriend to create happiness for you. True happiness starts within.

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Welcome Back To Dee’s Dating Diary!

I first want to thank everyone who has been reading Dee’s Dating Diary, especially those of you who have been here from the start! If you’ve been reading my blog since I started it, you may have noticed that, in the past year, I’ve taken a few months off here and there from writing for Dee’s Dating Diary.

I used this time to focus on some other endeavors and I’m excited to tell you that I just finished writing my very first book! The book will be published this year and I will keep you updated on the official release date as well as upcoming events in your area.

I will also be sharing some excerpts from my book over the next few months so you’ll definitely want to check Dee’s Dating Diary out every Saturday at 8pm EST!

Thanks for letting Dee’s Dating Diary into your homes and hearts.

Yours Truly,

Dee Simone

20 Ways To Be Single And Happy

Last week, I wrote about how there is a stigma attached to be being single and I discussed some reasons why there shouldn’t be a negative connotation associated with the word single. If you missed the post, check it out here: How To Be Happy And Single During The Holidays.

This week I’m giving you 20 ways to be single and happy during the holidays and every other day of your life:

  1. Stop seeing being single as a bad thing and embrace your singlehood.
  2. Stop thinking that the “grass is greener,” you never know what really goes on in a relationship.
  3. Do activities and hobbies that make you happy (painting, dancing, exercising, writing, etc.).
  4. Explore new hobbies by yourself or with friends.
  5. Don’t let not having a “plus 1” keep you from going to events you’re excited about.
  6. Try to find other singles at weddings and other events where there are a lot of couples.
  7. Ask a friend to join you in doing a partner activity.
  8. Join some Meet Up groups in your area to do things you enjoy and meet like-minded people.
  9. Stop entertaining and giving time to men who quickly show you they aren’t right for you.
  10. Stop talking to any man who puts you downs or tries to make you feel bad about yourself (this will save you a lot of emotional stress and keep you from feeling unhappy about yourself).
  11. Do things you are good at to increase your confidence.
  12. Plan vacations or getaways with your single friends and treat yourself to spa days. 
  13. Reflect on your past relationships to determine what things you need to work on for your next relationship, this will help empower you to recognize that you have control over many outcomes in your relationships.
  14. Plan dinner parties or brunches with your friends and tell them to leave their plus 1 at home.
  15. Schedule movie nights or a “girl’s night” every so often.
  16. Don’t be afraid to act happy that you are single and enjoying your life.
  17. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel about being single.
  18. Spend time focusing on bettering your community (join an activist group, volunteer, etc.)
  19. Spend time focusing on climbing your career ladder (Success doesn’t mean being married with kids for everyone).
  20. Always maintain your appearance keep doing your hair, nails, and wearing your favorite accessories. Looking good will help you feel good and this will also help you attract men.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

How do you stay single and happy? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

*Dee’s Dating Diary is going on holiday and will be back Saturday, February 4, 2017. Don’t worry, you can still get great dating advice on a daily basis if you follow Dee’s Dating Diary on Twitter or Facebook. See you next year!

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How To Be Single And Happy During The Holidays

As a single woman, you know that family gatherings and holiday parties will mean one thing: getting questioned about your single status. From questions like, “are you dating anyone,” to “why do you think you’re still single,” being single during the holidays can feel stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be!

While it’s easy to let family and friends get into our heads, you can’t let other people make you feel bad about being single.

Although the holidays is a common source of singlehood stress, one of the most stressful events for single women is usually weddings. Instead of being seated at a table with other singles, women are often seated at a table with couples and married people.

What’s worse is that the conversations at these tables are often centered around the couple’s lives, marriage, and having kids. These conversations alienate single wedding attendees and this coupled with questions about where your husband is can easily make a woman feel less than. 

The Single Stigma

Unfortunately, the word “single” has a negative connotation that puts a stigma on husbandless women. People wrongly see you being single as a sign that something is wrong with you or that your problems keep you from holding on to a man for an extended period of time.

Many people wrongly think that if you’re single, it’s for a reason. When many of the people you know are married and having their second or third child, it’s easy for people to speculate on why you haven’t achieved this for yourself.

The truth is, being single is actually a great thing! You shouldn’t see your single status as a negative thing because being in the wrong relationship is what’s bad. Dealing with unnecessary drama and heartache just so you can say you have a man is what you should be afraid of, not being single.

It’s okay if you don’t want to be unhappily married. It’s okay if you want to hold out and wait for the right man to come along. It’s okay to not get swept up in wedding fever and look to the next man who asks you out to be your husband. It’s okay to happily live your life until you run into Mr. Right.

Why Single Shouldn’t Be Stigmatized

Being single is really a positive thing if you approach it the right way and are in the right mental place. Being single means you’re giving yourself the chance to meet a man who is right for you. Being single means you are not going to enter a relationship with a jerk or a controlling and abusive man just so you can feel some sort of fulfillment in the fact that you have someone.

Being single means you are finding, and loving who you really are. Being single means you know how to enjoy your life with or without a significant other. Being single means you know you are a whole woman who doesn’t need a man to complete her, just to complement who she is.

Being single gives you an opportunity to explore yourself and your core values. It allows you to learn more about yourself on a deeper level in a way that gives you a clearer vision of what type of person would best suit you. Being single allows you to see what your priorities in life really are. Being single gives you the objectivity you need to see men more realistically, that is, if you allow yourself to.

Redefine Your Singlehood

All this only happens if you open yourself up to it. If you’re stubborn and stuck in your ways while you’re single, you won’t have that positive growth that will bring you closer to finding the right man for you.

You need to reflect on your past experiences, consider your emotional needs, and identify those qualities that you know won’t help you cultivate a healthy, loving relationship. In doing these things, you will also be more clearly defining the type of man you actually need as opposed to the ones that you want.

Most importantly, you need to live your life and achieve happiness for yourself when you’re single. By doing this you’ll actually put yourself in a much better position to attract and keep the man of your dreams.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

Tune in next week when I discuss 20 ways to be single and happy during the holidays and every other day of your life!

Till Next Time,


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Is Netflix And Chill An Acceptable First Date?

For those of you who are not familiar with the Netflix and chill date, it’s basically a date where you hang out at someone’s home and watch Netflix together.

Here’s the catch, the men that propose these kind of “dates” aren’t interested in having a real date with you. Instead, that want to lay on the couch or bed with you while watching a movie to make it easier for them to make a pass at you and get in your pants.

The Purpose of Netflix And Chill

The Netflix and chill date is really not a date at all. It’s the least amount of effort that a man can put into getting to know you. As a matter of fact, a man who wants to watch Netflix and chill most likely doesn’t really care about getting to know who you are.

He just wants to get you in an environment that will make it easy for him to come on to you. While many women know what to expect if they’re invited to Netflix and chill, some women are surprised to learn that the purpose of the date was for some no-strings-attached fun.

Of course, if you’ve already gone out on other dates, outside the home, then there’s nothing wrong with being invited over to Netflix and chill. However, your first three or four dates should be outside of each other’s home so that having premature sex won’t be an option.

And you’ll give yourself and your date the opportunity to really get to know each other and see if there is potential for a future relationship.

Do You Want A Relationship or Netflix And Chill Nights?

The reality is, men use Netflix and chill as a way to sleep with women as quickly as possible and with as little effort as necessary to accomplish that goal. If you don’t want just have a casual, sexual relationship, you don’t want to start off on that foot.

If you’re interested in more than just sex, you have to act that way and accepting a Netflix and chill date where you end up sleeping with a man too soon does not bring you any closer to attaining that. 

Now there are women who claim to be equally interested in sex on the first date as men, but a lot of these women eventually come to regret their decision to move quickly on the first date when they realize the man they slept with is no longer showing any interest.

Will Rejecting A Netflix And Chill Date Get You A Relationship?

I’m not saying that rejecting the Netflix and chill date will land you in a relationship with a man, but I am saying that you increase your chances of growing what you have into a relationship if you get to know the man you’re dating before sleeping with him and give him a chance to do the same.

You might even get to know a man and realize that he isn’t right for you at all, so by not jumping into the Netflix and chill date too soon, you give yourself an opportunity to see if a man is compatible with you before you go as far as sleeping with him.

Want To Know If He’s Interested In More Than Just Sex?

If you want to know if a man is interested in more than just sex, kindly turn down his suggestion for a Netflix and chill date and let him know that you’d like to get out of the house and do something fun or grab a bite or a drink.

If he’s still trying to pressure you into a Netflix and chill night or isn’t receptive to doing anything else, this man only sees you as an opportunity for sex and nothing more. 

Survey Results

Two weeks ago, I put an informal survey up on my blog asking, “Are you okay with Netflix and chill dates?” While I did not specify whether it was for a first date or otherwise, I found it interesting that 40% of those surveyed answered “yes,” 40% said “no,” and 20% chose “other.”

What are your thoughts on Netflix and chill for a first date? Let me know in the comments below!

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Are you ready to get the help you need in your dating or relationship life? If so, I’m offering free consultations through November 30, 2016 to the first 10 people who contact me using the form below. Find out how a one-on-one session can help you improve your dating and relationship life!

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Survey: Are You Okay With Netflix And Chill Dates? 

Today, the Netflix and chill date has become pretty popular, but are women really happy when they are invited to Netflix and chill? Are women settling for these kind of “dates” or do they prefer it?

If you’re a woman who has been asked to Netflix and chill, answer my quick survey below:

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Here’s Why You Don’t Want To Date A Rich Man

Many women say they want to date or marry a rich man, but just because a man has a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy in a relationship with him.

Wealth Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Wealth should never be a prerequisite for a relationship. Instead, you should be looking to see if a man has the important, non-superficial qualities that you NEED in a relationship. For example, is he considerate and not self-centered? Is he honest? Is he trustworthy? Is he emotionally available? Is he family oriented? Does he treat you with respect? Does he have a good heart?

Just because a man has a lot of money doesn’t mean he is a good person. Money does not create or enhance positive qualities like kindness, trustworthiness, or respect. These are completely separate considerations from money.

So, you may find that a man is very wealthy, but he’s inconsiderate, dishonest, condescending, or disrespectful towards you. You have to start focusing on the qualities in a man that would promote a great, healthy, and loving relationship. You also have to consider who you are as a person and what kind of qualities would complement that.

What’s more important than wealth is whether a man is self-sufficient. You should be concerned that a man can provide for himself and, if he wants a family one day, that he can also provide for a family.

A Downside Of Dating Rich Men

While many women firmly believe that their match will be a man with a lot of money, many of these women find themselves unhappy in these relationships because they don’t get to spend much time with their boyfriends.

Here’s the thing, a man who has built an empire that affords him the wealth and lifestyle that you think you want usually won’t be able to spend the kind of quality time you want with him. Building wealth and maintaining it requires a time commitment that often interferes with the time you would spend together.

You don’t become rich laying under your girlfriend or boyfriend all day. It requires dedication. It requires time. And if you’re the type of woman who likes to spend a lot of time with her boyfriend, there’s no way you would really be happy dating a rich man.

On the other hand, if you’re an independent woman who has her own career or business to consider, dating a rich man may not be an issue since you both would need more time to focus on your own work as opposed to the relationship.

If you want to live in the lap of luxury, provide that lifestyle for yourself and stop looking for a man to do it for you.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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How to Bring Up Relationship Problems Without Making Your Boyfriend Defensive

If you want to bring up relationship problems without making your boyfriend get defensive, you’re going to have to address the conversation from a “This is how I feel” standpoint. Meaning instead of saying “YOU always do this” or “YOU never clean up after yourself,” you have to explain how you feel by speaking in first person.

So, you would say something like, “After a long day at work, I feel so exhausted that’s it’s hard for me to find the energy to clean. It would be so helpful if I had an extra hand around the house.” Speaking from a place of “I” and not, “You” allows a person to hear your concerns more clearly.

Using the word “you” automatically makes most people feel attacked and this is can hold you back from having a productive, positive conversation. Also, being careful to say “I feel…” instead of ” You (insert behavior here)” will keep all the unnecessary low blows out of the discussion.

When you stick to only talking about how you feel, you keep yourself from making the conversation a childish one where you ignite more flames as opposed to putting them out.

Try not to use the word “you” the next time you have a serious conversation with your boyfriend about a relationship problem and see how it goes. 

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

Till Next Time,


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15 Signs You’re Not Okay With Being Friends With Benefits

Today, there are so many people in the “friends with benefits” situation. While many women will say that they have needs too and are okay with having a friend with benefits, the truth is, women usually feel differently after a few weeks or months. Many women go into these situations thinking they can keep their emotions in check and never want more than what they’re getting, but down the line women always want more.

When Does “Friends With Benefits” Stop Working?

If the friends with benefits thing is going well, you’ll start to think, “Hey, we get along and enjoy each other’s company, why don’t we just date each other?” And that’s when things go sour. If you bring up the idea of being more than just hook-up buddies you’ll usually find that the man isn’t interested in being more than what you are now.

Or, maybe your relationship was benefits with no friendship at all and then your guy starts spending time with you outside of the bedroom and you start thinking, “Maybe he’s interested in being more since he’s actually spending quality time with me and not just coming over to have sex.” Well, that’s usually not the case. Just because you start spending more time together doesn’t mean that a man has developed feelings for you and wants to get serious.

Why You Can’t Turn A Hook-Up Buddy Into A Boyfriend

When you become hook-up buddies, your buddy gets to have his cake and eat it too so when you approach him about being more, there’s no way that he is going to want to limit himself to just you. And why would he after he’s been able to have you with no strings attached while still having the option of talking to and sleeping with any other woman he wants.

The reality is, after you have been sleeping with someone for a while, you will start to develop feelings for the person as hard as you try not to. Very few women can actually maintain a casual relationship without eventually wanting to seek more. There are also men who can’t have casual sex without eventually wanting more, but that’s not most men because they tend to be better at separating sex and feelings.

Why You Become “Friends With Benefits”

Most of the time, women do not end up in friends with benefits situations because that is what they are seeking out. Instead, they usually meet a man who lets them know he isn’t interested in a relationship or marriage and the woman goes along with it because deep down inside she feels like she has to take what she can get and she hopes that she can eventually turn the casual sex into a real relationship.

Here’s the thing, you can’t turn sex into a relationship. Yes, you’ve heard of some women that were able to turn their hook-up buddy into a husband, but that’s the exception to the rule not the rule. And we can’t all be the exception, so you have to stop thinking that you can change men and what they say they want.

If you’re not sure whether you’re really okay with being friends with benefits, here are 15 signs you’re not okay being friends with benefits:

  1. You feel bad, sad, frustrated, annoyed, or anything at all about the fact the he comes over, has sex with you, and leaves right after.
  2. You don’t like that he doesn’t sleep over.
  3. You don’t like that he only contacts you late at night or at the last-minute.
  4. You don’t like that he only contacts you when he wants to come over.
  5. You don’t like that he doesn’t take you out or do things with you outside of the house.
  6. You don’t like when he refers to you as a friend.
  7. You wonder whether he’s sleeping with other women.
  8. You don’t want him to sleep with other women.
  9. You don’t like that he hides you from his family and friends.
  10. You don’t like that he won’t meet your girlfriends.
  11. You don’t like that he isn’t affectionate with you.
  12. You don’t like that he flirts with other women around you.
  13. You lie to yourself or your friends and act like you’re in a relationship.
  14. You stop putting yourself out there to meet other eligible men you could potentially have a relationship with.
  15. You wonder if you can turn your hook-up buddy into a boyfriend.

If you think you might want to be more than just friends with benefits, you can’t start the relationship off that way. Take your time and get to know the guys you meet and stop trying to convince yourself that all you want is a casual relationship simply because that’s all you’re being offered at the moment.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

With advanced technology and the widespread use of online dating, many people have given long distance relationships a try. According to the infographic below, about 14 million people in the U.S. are in long distance relationships.

However, sustaining a long distance relationship is not easy and they are destined for failure unless one person is willing to eventually move and end the long distance aspect of the relationship. If you’re interested in more information on long distance relationships and how you can make them work, check out this infographic:

Infographic courtesy of

For great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

15 Signs You’ve Been Rejected

If a man is not really interested in you, he usually won’t tell you. Instead, he will do other things to show you that he doesn’t see a future with you or doesn’t want to continue seeing you at all. As women, we tend not to want to move on from a man until we know with certainty that there’s no hope for a future with him.

However, the reality is that a man usually won’t verbally state his disinterest in you. It’s up to you to pay attention to the signs that a man may be rejecting you. So, here are 15 signs you’ve been rejected by a man:

1. If he doesn’t call you for several days or weeks, you’ve been rejected.
2. If weeks go by and he hasn’t asked you out or made any plans with you, you’ve been rejected.
3. If he stands you up or doesn’t contact you the day you scheduled a date, you’ve been rejected.
4. If he cancels your date because he found something more fun to do, you’ve been rejected.
5. If he cancels or reschedules your date two or more times in a row, you’ve been rejected.
6. If he says he’s not ready for a commitment, you’ve been rejected.
7. If he says he’s not looking for anything serious, you’ve been rejected.
8. If he says he doesn’t want to tie you down or get in the way of your life, you’ve been rejected.
9. If he says he still has feelings for his ex, you’ve been rejected.
10. If he says his schedule is too busy to date or have a relationship, you’ve been rejected.
11. If he says he doesn’t date women for more than a few months, you’ve been rejected.
12. If he brings a friend along on your date, you’ve been rejected.
13. If he suggests setting you up with a friend, you’ve been rejected.
14. If he doesn’t want you to know where he lives, you’ve been rejected.
15. If he can reach you, but you can never reach him, you’ve been rejected.

Now, just because a man contacts you down the line after he has rejected you in one of these ways doesn’t mean he has a renewed interest in you. He hasn’t all of a sudden realized that he let a good woman go. A guy that has rejected you may contact you again out of boredom or to see if he still has a chance with you because he’s really just looking for something casual.

Just because you get a random phone call one evening asking what you’re doing in the next hour doesn’t mean a man is interested in you for anything more than a casual relationship. Rejection usually does not come in the form of a clear explanation of disinterest. Men will always avoid telling you that they just don’t like you.

So, you have to be able to read men’s behavior and take their choice to only call you or see you randomly or sporadically for what it really is: rejection of any potential growth into a real relationship. 

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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Why You Should Always Dress Like You’re Meeting Mr. Right

Although you hope to be ready when you run across Mr. Right, you really never know when that moment may come. You may meet the next love of your life while you’re grocery shopping or running errands. And while we tend not to put much effort into our appearance when we are going to do mundane tasks, the truth is, you should always be dressed the way you would want a potential future boyfriend to see you. 

I’m not saying you always need to leave your house like you’re going to a black tie event, but your outfit should look pretty and well put together. You don’t necessarily need to wear makeup, but you should look presentable and attractive. Take some time to pick out an outfit that flatters you and put on some perfume, earrings and/or a necklace, and rock your hottest lip gloss or lipstick.

You never know when you might meet your next boyfriend so be prepared and never leave your house looking sloppy!

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

Till Next Time, 


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Is Your Beauty Routine Putting Your Health At Risk?

Before you go on dates, it’s very important that you put time into making yourself look polished and beautiful. And for many women, this also means getting their eyebrows, upper lip, legs, or bikini area waxed. What’s scary is that, after talking to many women who get waxed, few are aware of a potential health risk they are facing.

Yes, you want to look perfect for your date, but you have to be careful about where you get waxed. If you routinely wax your eyebrows or other areas of your body, you know that your wax technician has to get more wax from the heated container a few times in order to remove all the hair from the area you’re waxing. Here’s the problem, many places that offer waxing services aren’t doing this in a hygienic manner.

What’s The Problem?

You will find that many wax technicians use one wooden stick per customer and will re-dip that same stick in the vat of wax several times, placing any germs that are on your body right into that container of wax. The issue with this is that most places don’t change the wax after each customer. This means that every time your wax technician re-dips the same wooden stick in the wax, they’re putting your bodily germs into all the wax that will be used throughout the day on different people (men and women).

If the place where you get waxed does this with you, they’re doing it with everyone else too, which means you are being exposed to other people’s bodily germs as well. You may have only gone to get your eyebrows or upper lip waxed, but perhaps the person before you got a Brazilian wax with the buttocks strip as well. If your technicians don’t use a new wooden stick every time they get more wax to apply on you, your technician is spreading other people’s germs right onto your eyebrows, upper lip, bikini, or any other area you’re waxing. This is NOT okay.

Where Should You Go?

A good place that offers waxing services will use a new wooden stick every time they get more wax from the heated container so it never gets contaminated and the waxing process remains hygienic. If you get waxed at a place that doesn’t use a new wooden stick each time they dig for more wax, you need to stop going there immediately!!

Call around and find a waxing place that doesn’t double dip their wooden sticks so you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary health risks during the waxing process.

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Are You In A Relationship Or A Situationship?

Today, many women are finding themselves in situationships. And yes, these situationships sometimes do resemble a relationship, but when you look at the big picture, it’s clearly not a relationship. A lot of woman are just taking what they get from men and that is the furthest thing from a real relationship.

It seems that the women in situationships are so eager to have someone that they will literally take whatever scraps a man will throw their way. If a man will only spare a few hours of his time on Tuesday nights, she’ll take it. If he only makes time to see her on the weekend when it’s past 9 or 10 pm, she’ll be happy for the time. If he’s “too busy to call” for a week or more, that’s okay with her.

The fact that he never makes plans in advance and makes general references to seeing her by saying things like, “Maybe we can grab a bite to eat or watch a movie this weekend,” without following through doesn’t stop her from continuing the situation. She only sees him when he wants to see her, but she won’t rock the boat by saying that she isn’t comfortable with the situation because she doesn’t want to lose it altogether.

Why Are Situationships Accepted?

Unfortunately, it’s a lack of self-worth and self-respect that allows women to tolerate a situation where her needs and wants are never met, addressed, or even acknowledged. Being in a situationship means being on call for the guy you’re dating. You don’t make plans with your friends because you have to leave your schedule wide open for the moment he chooses to contact you to see you last-minute. And more times than not, you end up having a sad night at home alone because you don’t get the phone call or text that you thought you would.

When you’re “on call” for a man and you do get that text or phone call Saturday night at 9pm, you jump for joy. Of course, since you haven’t seen him in awhile you’re eager to accept his invitation for a late night rendezvous and possible sleep over. But ultimately, this only enables his behavior. And because you’re so happy to finally have the opportunity to be with him, any thought of talking about your needs or concerns fly out of the window. So this man gets to have his cake and eat it too, he gets to have you when he wants and doesn’t have to deal with the fact that he isn’t satisfying you emotionally or giving you the relationship you deserve.

And, if he actually spends the night at your place and hangs out with you Sunday morning this reinforces your belief that you really do have a relationship. The truth is, you only have this semi-relationship when he wants it. And he usually only wants it sporadically or late in the evening after he’s already gone out and done his thing. It’s also likely that he’s only seeing you after the person he really wanted to see was unavailable.

Don’t Let Your Situation Define Who You Are

At the end of the day, situationships destroy whatever remaining self-esteem you have for yourself. You develop an unhealthy dynamic where you only feel good about yourself when the guy is communicating with you and when he’s not you feel insecure, worthless, or unattractive. Your entire well-being is in his hands and this is a terrible position to put yourself in.

There comes a time in every situationship where a woman needs to decide whether the situation is right for her. If you’re in a situationship, the time is now. What do you really want for your future? If it’s scraps then by all means, help yourself! But, if you want a meaningful, loving, and healthy relationship, it’s time to let go of your situation!

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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Do You Only Like Football Because Your Boyfriend Loves It?

Most of us know at least one woman who has a habit of taking on her boyfriend’s interests as her own. If her boyfriend loves football, she loves football. If her boyfriend loves golf, she all of a sudden loves golf too. While there is nothing wrong with trying to enjoy the things that your partner likes, you should never pretend to love something that you don’t really feel strongly about.

If you don’t really like football, that’s okay! You can find ways to enjoy game day without putting on an act. If you like cooking, invite some friends over, make some yummy finger foods, and enjoy the social aspect of watching the game. 

Or, allow your boyfriend to enjoy the game with his friends and reconnect with your own friends and do something that you love. Being in a relationship does not mean that you should spend every second together. It’s okay to let your partner enjoy their pastimes or hobbies on their own while you do the same. Your relationship will thrive more if you allow a little individual space and time into it.

Who Are You?

The reality is, the men you date are not always going to like everything that you like. What’s important is that they allow you to be yourself and enjoy the things that you love. This goes both ways. So instead of trying to make your boyfriend’s hobbies your own, start being true to yourself right now. You need to get back to who you really are or take the time to figure out who that person is. 

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have any hobbies or interests,” then you need to cultivate some. There has to be something that peaks your interest that you can do. Whether it’s hiking, camping, swimming, dancing, playing music, drawing, painting, reading, bowling, or volunteering, there is something out there for everyone. Find your passions and pursue them!

You want a man who is going to love you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. If a man really likes you or loves you, the fact that you don’t enjoy sports as much as him won’t be an issue unless you try to prevent him from watching those sports.

And I feel like I should mention that just because you don’t like football doesn’t mean you should keep your boyfriend from watching it, but you don’t need to act like it’s your favorite thing in the world because your man feels that way. Be comfortable with who you are and be true to yourself so you can really enjoy your life to the fullest!

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last (and it’s not because they aren’t bad boys)

We’ve all heard the saying “nice guys finish last,” but the major view is that nice guys finish last because they aren’t bad boys and I disagree with this. I find that a lot of nice guys get burned by women, not because they were nice guys, but because they were chasing after the wrong women.
A nice guy that’s a good man deserves a good woman as well, and a woman who has not matured enough to understand that she wants the wrong men, the “bad boys,” based on her own insecurities and self-worth issues isn’t worth a nice guy’s time. 
Bad Girls Won’t Treat You Well
For the nice guys who have managed to get that girl who loves bad boys into a relationship, many of them will tell you how badly they were treated in the relationship. From being talked to disrespectfully to being used financially, to being taken for granted and cheated on, nice guys just aren’t treated well by women who crave the attention of bad boys.
Nice guys that get burned by these women were usually shown signs that the women weren’t right for him or wasn’t interested in him for who he was. And deep down inside, nice guys know that these aren’t the type of woman they really want to be in a long-term relationship with, but still, they hope these women will see the light and change. 
Unfortunately, it’s usually a woman’s beauty and hot body that blinds nice guys from their better judgement. But it could also be pure desperation. 
Is She In The Right Mental Place?
The bottom line is, when you go after women who are still on the self-destructive relationship path, you’re bound to get hurt in your efforts to show her real love. A woman can only accept the right love when she is in the right mental place.
So, picking an evolved, mature, self-confident (not arrogant) woman is how nice guys can finish first! This is the kind of woman who will always appreciate you for who you are and never take you for granted. Let the women who love the drama filled relationships have just that and set your sights on something better. 
Till Next Time,
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Help! My Boyfriend Slept With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up!

Dear Dee’s Dating Diary,

It’s been 2 weeks since I got back together with my boyfriend and he came back after the break up even more of a sweetheart, but there is one catch…He admitted to me that he slept with someone else in his words “I was just trying to get you out of my head.” 
I totally understand that we weren’t together when it happened so, duh, it wasn’t cheating, but I am struggling with dealing with him being with someone else in-between, that I’m not the only one he’s been with this year/this age he’s at, the fact that he’s got a higher sex number, etc. Our reunion has been bittersweet…On one hand he’s a better man and is willing to give me everything I’ve ever wanted, and on another he slept with someone in such a gross way it’s a huge turn off for me. 
I’m having so much trouble coming to terms with this one fact. Am I wrong for letting something that happened when we were broken up affect my happiness? I’m interested in your thoughts.
Dear Dater,
It’s completely understandable that you aren’t comfortable with the fact that your boyfriend slept with another woman while you were broken up. However, you shouldn’t let something that happened while you were broken up affect your happiness. 
At this point,  you’ve already gotten back together with your ex so if you want to make the relationship work you’re going to have to move past this. But you also need to be honest with yourself, if this is something you’re never going to be able to let go of, then it’s best that you and your boyfriend go your separate ways.
If you’re sure that you want to make this relationship work then you need to know that you won’t get over this situation overnight. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen and eventually eliminate the negative feelings you’re currently having:

1. Get Tested Together

First, I suggest that you and your boyfriend go get tested together. Even if your boyfriend used protection during sex, condoms are not 100% effective against STDs! I think that getting a clean bill of health for both of you will help put your mind at ease and really allow you to start moving on from this.

2. Forgive Him

If you’re going to stay in this relationship, you have to forgive your boyfriend. You can’t continue to dwell on this, hold this over his head, or harbor these feelings or it will have a negative impact on your relationship in the long run.
Since you were broken up when he slept with someone else he really didn’t violate your relationship. However, if your boyfriend broke up with you for the sole purpose of sleeping with someone else, that would be a totally different story, but I don’t believe that is the case here. 

3. Have An Honest Conversation 

You need to have a conversation with your boyfriend where you let him know that you were bothered by him sleeping with someone else while broken up, but that you fully forgive him and want to move forward.
You also want to let your boyfriend know that you won’t hold this over his head or bring it up in future arguments so that he’ll know he won’t have to pay for this the entire relationship.

4. Don’t Focus On His “Number”

Unfortunately, you most likely won’t have the same number of sex partners as the men you date. This is just the reality so you have to move past wanting to have the same number as your boyfriends. The most important thing is that your future boyfriends practice safe sex and get tested regularly so they never put your health at risk!


I hope this advice helps you and I wish you all the best in your love life!

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Yours Truly,

Dee Simone 

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Dee’s Dating Essentials

This week I had the pleasure of going on the Love Unlimited Show to discuss my dating essentials. Check out the recorded show for great tips on how to meet new men, use online dating, optimize your first dates, and much more!

Love Unlimited- Dee’s Dating Essentials

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Is It Okay To Tell The Man You’re Dating What To Wear?

Dear Dee’s Dating Diary,

Is it okay to tell the guy you’re dating what to wear?

Dear Dater,

If you’re dating a man and simply don’t like his choice of clothes, it’s not okay to try to control how he dresses. Once you’re in a committed relationship, you can make some suggestions of clothes that you think would look great on him, but it’s still up to him to accept those suggestions. 

However, if you’re going on a date that requires a guy to dress up or dress down, you definitely want to let him know. It wouldn’t be right to let your date show up to a nice place in a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. 

While some women find it difficult to accept certain men’s dress style, if you’re dating a great guy who treats you well, the last thing you should be thinking about is his choice of clothes. 

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

Good luck and happy dating!

Yours Truly,

Dee Simone

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6 Signs You Can’t Be Friends With Your Ex

The topic of whether you can be friends with an ex is usually a debated one. While some people believe it is possible, others think its inappropriate or unrealistic. But is it really possible to have a genuine friendship with an ex? And if so, is it possible to maintain that friendship without it affecting your future relationships?

Well, a person’s ability to have a genuine, platonic friendship with an ex is based on 6 intertwined factors:

1. Maturity Level

You’re more likely to be able to maintain a friendship with an ex if both of you are mature. Maturity in this respect is accepting the outcome of the relationship, not harboring any negative feelings, genuinely wanting the best for an ex (even if it means not being together), and not treating each other poorly because of residual negative feelings from the break up. If an ex isn’t mature in these aspects and doesn’t continue to respect you, there’s no way a friendship could possibly work.

2. Feelings About The Break Up

If either person is harboring any negative feelings about the relationship or breakup, they won’t be capable of sustaining a friendship. Those lingering negative feelings after a breakup will spill into the friendship in some way. Your ex might have an attitude with you out of nowhere, do something that seems vengeful, or even make you feel bad about yourself simply because they are still angry about breaking up. Whatever snarky things an ex may do will prevent a friendship from ever working.

3. Desire To Get Back Together

This is a huge determining factor in whether a genuine friendship with an ex can work. Although some people will tell you that a relationship ended mutually, few breakups are ever mutual. The truth is, when there’s a breakup, one person always wishes the relationship didn’t end. No matter how convincing your ex was when he or she amicably agreed to breakup, you better believe that your ex would have preferred to stay together.

When you’re friends with an ex who wants you back, your ex might try to sabotage your dating efforts or future relationships. In this case, there’s no way you can maintain a genuine friendship. However, if an ex is mature enough to recognize that the relationship cannot be revived, embraces other options, doesn’t let residual feelings negatively affect the friendship and your future relationships with other people, there’s hope for a real friendship to blossom.

4. Jealousy

It is very common for the person who is broken up with to be jealous of their ex’s new dates or love interests. This jealousy could manifest itself in many different ways. A jealous ex might act angry, frustrated, or annoyed with you, question your whereabouts, try to sabotage your relationships, or intentionally give you bad dating advice. A lack of jealousy is imperative for a friendship to work with an ex.

5. Stuck In Your Relationship Ways

If you try to be friends with an ex immediately after breaking up it’s extremely difficult to hang out without acting like a couple. After all, you did just spend the past several months or years together so it’s understandable that you’re accustomed to acting a certain way with each other. Unfortunately, things like your old lovey-dovey or touchy-feely ways can get in the way. You may have loved running your fingers through your exes hair, but if you can’t stop doing it after the breakup, you simply just can’t be friends. 

6. Friends With Benefits

It should go without saying, but if you become “friends with benefits” with an ex, a genuine, platonic friendship is out of the question. Continuing to have sex after the breakup blurs the lines in more ways than one. If you try to have a friendship with your ex, but keep having sex you essentially enter a situation that resembles your relationship without the official title.

And if one person is still eager to be back in the relationship, it’s only a matter of time before the question, “what are we really doing” comes up. Lets face it, someone is going to seriously wonder why there was a breakup at all. 

So, if both people are mature, don’t harbor negative feelings about the breakup, don’t want to get back together, don’t start a “friends with benefits” situation, and respect each others future relationships, then a genuine friendship may just work out!

Here’s the kicker though, what happens if your next boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t comfortable with the friendship you have with your ex? What if it’s your husband or wife that has an issue with the friendship? Are you willing to end a friendship with an ex if your current partner is bothered by it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Help! He Got My Number, But Never Called!

How many times has a guy asked you for your phone number, but then never actually call you? Like many other women, you probably wonder why a man would go out of his way to get your number if he has no intentions of ever using it. 

Well, some men may only be getting your number to see if you would actually give it to them or to see if they still “got it.” But the truth is, if a man gets your phone number and never calls you, he just wasn’t that interested in you. 

If you mutually exchanged numbers with the guy that doesn’t call, there’s usually a strong temptation to call the guy yourself. You make up excuses for him like, maybe he got a new phone and lost my phone number or maybe he’s not sure if I’m interested and wants to see if I’ll call him. Whatever excuses you tell yourself so that you can make that phone call are only hurting you because it prolongs the inevitable, you never seeing or hearing from this guy again. 

If he wasn’t interested enough to actually call you, there is nothing you can say to this man on the phone that is going to all of a sudden conjure up feelings for you. You have to be able to take a situation for what it is, if he’s not calling you, he’s not feeling you! Don’t prolong the inevitable by calling the guy who doesn’t feel like calling you. Your time and energy would be better spent on anything else!

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10 Important First Date Tips

First dates are crucial and if they don’t go well you’re pretty much guaranteed to never see your date again. So, here are 10 important first date tips that will increase your chances of landing a second date:

1. Put Effort Into Your Appearance

You should always put effort into how you look for your dates. Don’t show up like you just rolled out of bed and couldn’t even brush your hair. Look like someone you would want to date. Remember, you’re supposed to be putting your best foot forward on your first dates and you’re not doing that if you look like something the cat dragged in.

Check out my article 6 Must Dos Before A Date for more tips on getting yourself together before a date. If you have trouble finding the right first date outfit, check out my article Are You Picking The Wrong First Date Outfits?

2. Get To Know Your Date The Right Way

Never treat your dates like interviews. You should be getting to know your date through engaging, mutual conversation and not a drawn out Q and A session. You want your date to feel comfortable, not scrutinized and judged so you have to fight the urge to interview your date.

3. Never Talk About Exes

Talking about an ex or exes on first dates is a huge mood killer and it reduces your ability to make a great connection with the person you’re with. You also don’t want your date to get the impression that you aren’t over your ex. You should be focused on enjoying the company of your date, not sharing your love war stories or the trials and tribulations of dating.

4. Avoid Sensitive Subjects

In order to increase your chances of making a great connection on a date, you have to avoid sensitive topics like religion and politics. The time will come to have these conversations, but your first few dates with a man is not it.

5. Don’t Talk About Your Problems

Talking about your problems or flaws on a first date is a huge downer! Not to mention the fact that you will most likely make your date feel uncomfortable. Your dates should be light-hearted and fun, not dark and awkward. Your date is not there to fix your problems, but he can make you feel better without you having to address them if you allow him to show you a good time.

6. Don’t Tell Sad Stories

Dates are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but just like with talking about your problems, telling sad stories will bring down the mood and make your date feel uncomfortable.

7. Don’t Drink Heavily

You shouldn’t drink heavily on first dates, if at all. Having more than 1-2 drinks on your first date can cause more problems than you realize. My article 4 Problems with Drinking on First Dates explains why.

8. Smile

Many people don’t realize how important it is to smile. Smiles are inviting and they can actually disarm people and get them to open up to you much more. You want your date to let down his guard and feel relaxed with you, smiling will help accomplish this.

9. Mind Your Body language

Body language communicates more than we know. If you have your arms crossed, for example, your date might feel like your closed off and not interested in him. Sitting with your arms crossed puts up a barrier and makes it more difficult to connect with your date and have a good time. In fact, you’re definitely not having a good time if your arms are crossed. So, loosen up, uncross those arms, and really interact with your date.

For more tips on improving your body language on dates, check out my article 5 Tips For Better Dating Body Language.

10. Have Fun!

The most important thing you need to do on your dates is enjoy yourself. If you’re interested in getting married one day, then you want a boyfriend that you can enjoy life with and your first date is your opportunity to see whether this is possible. Forget all your lists, forget what his future goals are, and just see if your date is a man whose company you enjoy.

Check out my article Increase Your Chances of Making a Connection to see how you can improve the connections you make on dates.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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Red Flags vs. Deal Breakers

There is a significant difference between red flags, which tell you there might be a big problem with the man you’re dating, and deal breakers. Deal breakers are things that show you a relationship will never work or won’t be good for you. While red flags are more like hints or signs that there may be underlying problems, once you encounter a deal breaker, you need to cut ties immediately.

It’s up to you though to be able to differentiate between red flags and deal breakers. An example of a deal breaker would be any kind of abuse, verbal, emotional, or physical. There’s no questions here, if you encounter abuse, that’s a deal breaker and you need to end the relationship immediately. No kind of abuse is acceptable under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if your man is super stressed out or going through a lot, there is never an excuse for abuse!

However, if a man’s attention is dwindling and he’s not seeing you as frequently, this is a red flag because it suggests that there may be a problem beneath the surface. Perhaps he’s losing interest in you or maybe he’s seeing someone else. Either way, this is something that warrants an open and honest conversation with the person you’re dating. This kind of red flag doesn’t mean you need to immediately end the relationship, but you do need to address the issue to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem going on.

So, keep your eyes open and start recognizing the difference between red flags and deal breakers so that you can act accordingly!

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Deal Breaker: He’s A Deadbeat Dad

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Deal Breaker: He’s A Deadbeat Dad

Dating a man who is a deadbeat dad is a huge deal breaker especially if you’re interested in having a family one day. A deadbeat dad is a man who doesn’t take care of the children he has fathered, doesn’t spend time with his kids, or refuses to pay child support. 

The relationship a man has with his children is an indicator of how he may act if you start a family together. If a man is not willing to be a parent to the children he helped bring into this world then you can’t expect him to be any more involved with the children you have together. When a man neglects his own child, this may also be a sign that you could be neglected down the line as well.

You want a man that can step up to the plate and take care of his responsibilities, not ignore them. And the whole, “my baby’s mother won’t let me see my kids” is garbage! Fathers have a right to see their children and that right can be enforced in court. If a man isn’t willing to get a lawyer to fight for his right to see his child then he’s a deadbeat dad and not worth seeing at all! 

Never date a man who isn’t willing to be there for his own child

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Are You In Love Or On An Emotional Roller Coaster?

Some men make dating an emotional roller coaster for women and instead of getting off the ride, many women continue to deal with the crazy ups and downs. What’s worse though is that women tend to mistake those feelings from an emotional roller coaster for a strong attraction or genuine love.

Here’s the thing, when a man is constantly breaking his promises, telling you he’s too busy to see or call youcanceling your dates, pulling disappearing actsor letting you down, it conjures up many emotions within you and, consequently, creates an emotional tie to the man putting you through this.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Whether you want to admit it or not, when a man lets you down in some way you feel badly about it and when he comes back to redeem himself you all of a sudden feel great again, right? But, what happens when he does it again? You anxiously wait for him to make it up to you again, right? Well, this is the emotional roller coaster and it helps create an unhealthy attachment to men you really shouldn’t be dating at all.

In going through those ups and downs, you unconsciously develop strong feelings towards a man that is easy to mistake for genuine feelings of love or interest. But, the reality is those strong feelings are really just a result of a man treating you poorly, it’s not because you’re in love.

Is He Boring Or Is He Just Not A Jerk?

Women who are used to dealing with emotional roller coasters when dating often pass up on great men because the men are “not exciting” or their “boring.” These women say, “I just don’t feel a strong connection.” But the truth is, they are just so used to dealing with a whirlwind of emotions from the constant let downs that they think a lack of those strong emotions swirling inside of them means there isn’t a good connection with a man.

When you are waiting for a man to make something up to you, it feels so great when he does because he made you feel so badly when he let you down. That extreme happiness you feel when a man tries to fix his mess is not what your goal should be in dating because you only feel that happy because you previously felt so sad. These kinds of emotions are never going to measure up to what you have with a man who doesn’t put you through hell. And that is because you’ll have emotional stability. 

When you are so used to dealing with the downs and waiting for the ups that it affects your judgment of other men, that’s a serious problem! It’s all too easy to mistake the kinds of feelings you have for a man, which is why it’s important that you recognize how and why your feelings develop for men. Don’t sabotage your dating life by refusing to date men who don’t take you on a roller coaster ride!

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10 Signs You’re Dating Too Many Guys At One Time

There’s nothing wrong with dating more than one guy at a time (7 Reasons Why You Should Date More Than One Guy At A Time), but the number of men you’re dating needs to be kept within reason. You definitely don’t need a roster! So, here are 10 signs you’re dating too many guys at one time:

1. You Forget A Guy’s Name.

If you’re on a date or talking on the phone with a guy and you can’t quickly remember his name, you’re dating too many guys at one time!

If you have to introduce your date to someone and you can’t remember his name, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

2. You Call Him The Wrong Name

If you’re mixing up names and calling a man by the wrong name, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

3. You Dial The Wrong Guy

If you call one guy you’re dating, but actually meant to call a different guy, you’re definitely dating too many guys at once.

4. You Have To Re-check Who You’re Calling

If you call one of the guys you’re dating and shortly after you dial his number you have to look at your phone screen to remember which one you’re calling, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

If you’re in the middle of a phone conversation and you have to look at the phone screen to remember which guy you’re talking to, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

5. You Mix Up Information

If you mix up the things you’ve learned about the guys you’re dating, that’s a problem. If you start telling a friend about one of the men you’re dating and you later realize that you actually told her details about the wrong guy, you’re dating too many people at one time.

6. You Can’t Recognize A Guy’s Voice

If you can’t recognize one of the guys you’re dating by his voice, you’re dating too many guys at one time. You should be able to answer your phone, hear a man’s voice, and know who you’re talking to. However, if you were never good at recognizing voices, this doesn’t apply to you.

7. You Have To Use Code Names

If you have to save every guy’s number with a code word or phrase to remember who he is, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

8. Restaurant/Bar Staff Knows Your Game

If you’re going on dates with different guys at the same places and the restaurant or bar staff knows your game, you’re dating too many guys at the same time.

9. Your Friends Can’t Keep Up

If your friends or family can’t remember a guy’s name, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

If your friends resort to creating quirky nicknames for the guys you’re dating because it’s easier to remember and keep up with, you’re dating too many guys at once.

10. You Have To Re-read Texts For Details

If you have to re-read your entire text conversations to recall facts about your date, you’re dating too many guys at one time.

It’s definitely great to get out there and date, but don’t date so many men at once that keeping up with it all becomes a full-time job.

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Get A Free Consultation With Dee The Dating Coach

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7 Reasons Why You Should Date More Than One Guy At A Time

Many people misperceive the idea of dating more than one man at a time. It’s not about sleeping with multiple men, it’s about dating smarter and dating more objectively. So, here are 7 reasons why you should date more than one guy at a time:

1. You Won’t Have Time To Obsess

Just about every woman who has dated and owns a cell phone is guilty of rereading a date’s texts or replaying his voicemails. When you spend time dwelling on and over-analyzing texts, voicemails, emails, etc, you may start feeling more connected to a person than you should. Take away your ability to obsess by spending time getting to know other men. 

2. You Won’t Get Overly Attached

When you’re dating one guy, it’s easy to get attached to him even if he’s not really right for you. But when you date more than one guy at a time, it prevents you from being able to obsess over any one man, which in turn, allows you to remain emotionally balanced while getting to know a man. Remember that obsessive behavior helps you unconsciously develop unhealthy emotional attachments to men.

3.  It Forces You To Slow Down

Dating more than one man at a time allows you to slow down and pace the dating process because you have to divide your time and attention among more than one person. If you’re dating 2-3 men, it doesn’t allow you to spend every waking second with one man and that’s good!

Trying to spend too much time with a man too soon could push him away or scare him off altogether. And it could make you feel like you have more of a connection than you actually do.

  4. You See More Objectively

Being able to be objective when you’re dating is important and dating multiple men allows you to see things more objectively. When you don’t have time to over-think about one particular man and reread all his texts to your friends, you’ll have a clearer picture of who your date actually is as opposed to some fantasized image of who you hope this man will be.

5. You Can Objectively Gauge The Connection

Dating more than one guy at a time allows you to be more aware of the type of connection you have established. If you haven’t been in a serious relationship in a while and you’re eager to start your next one, you may not have an accurate gauge of the connection you have with your date. You may feel like you have a strong connection with your date simply because he says he wants to get married and start a family one day. So, you may not be able to decipher whether there is a true connection and compatibility because of your strong desire for a relationship.

On the other hand, when you date one man you could feel like you have an okay connection with him and because it’s been a while since you’ve had any connection at all, you’re eager to see where things can go. However, when you’re dating more than one guy at a time, you may see that you have an okay connection with one man, but a spectacular connection with another. If that’s the case, do you want to stop dating the guy you have the amazing connection with and continue dating the guy you feel “so-so” about? The answer is obvious. 

6. You Will Make Better Choices

When you’re not obsessing over your date and you’re able to be objective about men and your compatibility, you will ultimately choose a better long-term partner.

7. You Can Break Bad Dating Habits.

No one is perfect and we all have things we can work on. The bad part is, it takes time to eliminate your bad dating habits so you need practice in order to break those habits and replace them with positive ones and this means going on a lot of dates!

While you may feel uncomfortable dating more than one guy at a time, give it a try to see if it gives you a better perspective and helps you make better long-term dating choices. 

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Men Who Live With Their Exes

Veronica’s Story*

When Veronica started dating Charles, he was completely upfront and honest about the fact that he still lived with his ex-girlfriend. He told Veronica that they broke up months ago, but neither could afford to move out before the lease was up. Charles assured Veronica that he and his ex lived strictly as roommates and that he no longer had feelings for her. Veronica appreciated that Charles was honest about his living situation and she felt confident in her choice to continue dating him.

Although Veronica wasn’t interested in spending time at Charles’ apartment since his ex-girlfriend would be there, she didn’t like the fact that they could only hang out at her apartment. On top of that, Charles would never sleep at Veronica’s place because he wasn’t sure how his ex would react to him dating just months after the relationship ended. While this didn’t sit well with Veronica, she wrote off her feelings and swept her slight bitterness under the rug.

As the 4th of July holiday approached, Veronica asked Charles if he wanted to barbecue together at her place. He told her yes, but that it would have to be closer to the evening because he was going to another barbecue. When she asked if it was a certain friend’s barbecue who told her it was actually his ex-girlfriend’s family’s barbecue. Veronica was crushed.

The whole time she dated Charles she genuinely believed that him and his ex had completely cut ties, but that wasn’t the case at all. She asked him why he would be going to their barbecue and he said he didn’t want his ex to feel bad because she had to go alone. Obviously, this was a load of crap and Veronica knew that Charles had not been as upfront and honest about his “ex” as she thought he’d been.

Moral of the story? No matter what reasons or excuses a man gives you, you should never date a man who still lives with his ex-girlfriend and here are four important reasons why:

1. It’s Probably Not Over

If you’re dating a man who lives with his “ex,” there’s a good chance that your new love interest is still in that relationship.

2. The Attachment Isn’t Broken

You can’t completely get over an ex and move on when you still live together. You need to know that your date still has a strong emotional attachment to his ex. A man might tell you that he’s over his ex, but living together allows a person to temporarily escape some of the pain that a full separation would cause.

3. Relationship Relapses Are Real

If the relationship is actually over, this doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. When you continue living with an ex after a break up, getting back together is all too easy and you could get your heartbroken all because of residual feelings that eventually are acted upon.

4. You’ll Always Be The Rebound Girl

Another important reason why you shouldn’t date men that live with their exes is because you become the rebound girl. All you are is a crutch for this man to bridge the gap between leaving his ex and regaining his freedom. Remember, men usually never end up seriously dating or marrying the rebound girl.

Give a man time to fully untangle himself from his last relationship and emotionally move on before considering him as a date option.

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*The names in this article have been changed for anonymity.
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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Never Be Your Husband

1. He Says He’s Not “Ready” For Marriage

Most of us have heard a story of a women who broke up with a man because he wasn’t ready for marriage and within a year or two he’s married to someone else. When a man tells you that he’s not ready for marriage, what he’s really saying is, “I’m not ready to marry you!

Not being “ready” for marriage is just an excuse. If you’ve already been dating for two years or more, there’s no amount of time that’s going to change the way your boyfriend feels about you. 

2. He Takes You For Granted

If your boyfriend takes you for granted while you’re dating, he most likely will never see the value in marrying you. This is why you have to Stop Treating Your Boyfriend Like Your Husband! When you treat your boyfriend like your husband he’ll take all the things you do for granted and, consequently, he won’t see the need to marry you because you already give him everything he would have as your husband.

3. He Doesn’t Introduce You To People As His Girlfriend

If your boyfriend doesn’t introduce you to people as his girlfriend then he doesn’t take your relationship very seriously and the likelihood of him ever marrying you is slim to none.

4. He Refuses To Relocate For The Relationship

If you’re in a long distance relationship and your boyfriend refuses to relocate for the relationship, he’s never going to be your husband.

5. He Doesn’t Believe In Marriage

If your boyfriend tells you that he doesn’t believe in marriage or it’s just a piece of paper, then he really has no intentions of ever marrying you. You want a man who is afraid of losing you, not a man who is afraid of being with you!!

6. You Haven’t Met His Close Friends or Family

If you’ve been dating for over a year and your boyfriend’s friends and family lives in the same city as the both of you, there’s a reason he hasn’t introduced you to them. If a man really loves you and is open to spending the rest of his life with you, he isn’t going to hide you from his friends and family. 

7. He’s Not Friends With You on Facebook

If your boyfriend has a Facebook account and you’ve been dating for almost a year or more, but aren’t Facebook friends, he definitely doesn’t plan on marrying you one day. 

8. He Suggests Breaking Up

If your boyfriend suggests that you break up anytime you bring up relationship problems, he’s never going to be your husband. This guy already has one foot out the door because he would rather leave you than work through any issues with you. Remember, you never want to hold on to a man who doesn’t want to be held.

9. He Pulls Disappearing Acts

If your boyfriend Pulls Disappearing Acts, he’s never going to be your husband! A man who easily runs away from your relationship has no intentions of making you his wife.

10. He Spends More Time With “The Boys” Than You

If your boyfriend spends more time with his friends than you, he’s never going to be your husband. It’s definitely important for both men and women to maintain their friendships while they’re in a relationship, but if your boyfriend prefers to spend less time with you he’s not going to commit himself to spending the rest of his life with you.

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Red Flag: He Sells You The Dream Relationship

Have you ever gone out with a man who “sold you the dream?” Well, this is a big red flag! You have to be very careful with any man who sells you the dream relationship because it is usually just that, a dream.

What is Selling The Dream?

Men who sell you the dream try to lull you into a false sense of confidence in the prospect of a future together by telling you all the things you might want to hear. This man will tell you that he’s really into you, he’s seriously looking for a woman that he can build a future with and start a family with. He’ll tell you that you’re the type of woman he can see himself marrying, that he can tell you would be a great mother and wife.

He might suggest various types of dates you could go on in the future. He might even tell you that he wants to show you the world and take you to places that you’ve never been. This guy will literally tell you anything that sounds good. 

Why Sell The Dream?

The men who sell you the dream on your first few dates lay it on thick and paint a picture of this amazing relationship you could have because they want you to think that you’ll have a future together. But most importantly, they want you to feel extremely comfortable and open so they can get you in bed as quickly as possible.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to spot the guy who is selling you the dream because he is basically going to try to convince you that what you have is more than what it really is and then try to get in your pants. What you really need to do is slow down, pace the dating process, and pay close attention to this man’s actions.

Don’t Buy The Hype

Remember, actions speak louder than words and it’s not always the actions during the date itself that are the most telling of a man’s intent. If you reject his advances and he respects that and continues to date you and treat you like a gentleman then great!

However, if he lays it on thick, tries to come onto you, gets rejected and rarely calls or communicates with you between dates, then he’s definitely selling you the dream. You can’t rush the dating process so slow down and keep your eyes open!

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Dating Challenge: Don’t Call Him The Day of The Date

You have a date scheduled with a guy this Saturday. When Saturday rolls around, you’re tempted to call or text your date to confirm or make sure he still wants to go out, but you shouldn’t. Instead, wait. Don’t call your date, text, email, Instagram, Snapchat him or anything else.

The reason why you want to do this is so that you can see whether your date would have followed through on his plans with you. Say you don’t contact your date and he doesn’t contact you at all on Saturday, then you know he wasn’t really interested in you to begin with. Some guys will make plans that they don’t necessarily intend to keep. So you don’t want to nudge a guy into a date by reminding him yourself that your supposed to go out.

If a man really wants to see you he isn’t going to forget about the plans you made or flake on them by not contacting you on the day of the date. So I challenge you to not call or text a man first on the day of your date. This way, you won’t ever have to wonder if the date wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take the time to contact him.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance to see where a man’s head is really at!

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Red Flag: He’s Too Busy To Call

The “I was busy” excuse is pretty popular with some men and most women have heard this excuse before. The guy you’re dating tells you that he is going to call you tomorrow or that he is going to take you out over the weekend, but he never does. When he finally gets back to you, he tells you how crazy his week or month has been and that he had absolutely no time whatsoever to call or even text you. 

Now, how many of you are guilty of accepting the “I was busy” excuse? While you will feel inclined to forgive a man’s lack of communication or breaking of commitments due to his extremely “busy” schedule, you ultimately devalue yourself and your worth by accepting this excuse.

You’re Worthy of Communication 

The problem with believing the busy excuse is that you may internalize this as you not being worthy of a man’s attention when he has other things going on. You may even start to think that it’s okay to just be an afterthought to a man. But, if a man tells you he is going to call you tomorrow, it doesn’t matter how busy his day was, he should have made some kind of effort to communicate with you, even if just through texts. 

You have to realize that people make time for what they really want. So, if a man really wants to talk to you or really wants to see you, he is going to make time to do that. No matter how busy a person is, it doesn’t take much effort to make a quick phone call or shoot someone a text. Being busy does not negate a man’s responsibility to honor his word!

You deserve a man who will keep his commitments and promises to you and you can’t let a man convince you that you aren’t important enough for a phone call or text. You deserve a man who calls you when he says he is going to call you and who actually keeps the dates you schedule.

Dates Cancelled By Silence

Most importantly, you have to be weary of any man who tells you that he is so busy he didn’t even have time to cancel your date plans. This really means that you’re barely an afterthought to this guy and he doesn’t respect you enough to not waste your time. This is not the kind of man you should continue to date under any circumstances.

It’s one thing if work or an emergency prevents you from keeping a scheduled date, but there’s absolutely no excuse for not taking the time to call or text a woman to cancel a date. The next time a man tells you he was too busy to call you or too busy to cancel your plans, just accept the fact that he’s just not that into you.

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Would you go Dutch on a First Date?

Different women have different sentiments about going dutch on a first date. While some women don’t believe that they should have to split the bill, others have no problem doing it. So, I thought I’d create a survey to see how many of my readers are willing to go half on a first date. Submit your answer to the survey and you’ll be able to see what percentage of women answered yes or no. Also, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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An Online Dating Profile Mistake That Could Cost You a Date

Online dating certainly doesn’t have the stigma that it used to and millions of people are taking advantage of this simple way of meeting new people. The problem is, when you first join a dating site you are usually bombarded with dozens of messages and this makes it seems like there is an endless amount of potential dates to choose from. Consequently, you may develop a false sense of security in these seemingly endless options and begin making snap judgments or being overly critical of other people on the site.

What’s in Your Profile?

While it isn’t right to make snap judgments about people on a dating site, you have to understand that this is exactly what is happening. Therefore, it’s imperative that your online dating profile portrays you in the best possible light. However, what some people choose to write on their profiles makes it much easier for them to be written off by other people.

Although there are numerous kinds of dating profile mistakes that can cost you a date, one common profile mistake that I see with both men and women is their complaining about their online dating experiences. You have to remember that your online dating profile is supposed to be a short summary about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you enjoy doing.  It should never mention any of your dating problems.

Save The Venting For Your Friends

Your profile is not a place for you to vent and complain about the horrible people you’ve encountered, the terrible propositions you received, the people that have tried to use you for money, the fact that not everyone on the site is actually single, or any other dating issue.

Take for example the man who says, “I refuse to pay for sex and attention.” This is really just a response to the plethora of women that have tried to proposition this man for money, but the manner that he chose to vent about this problem is innappropriate. And, how many women will take this statement the wrong way and not understand where it is truly coming from?

Unfortunately, many people use online dating like a picture book and don’t take the time to read a person’s profile. So, for the people that actually do take the time to read your profile, don’t you think they deserve to read a profile that isn’t filled with anger, resentment, disgust, or frustration over your dating experiences? Shouldn’t the people reading your profile have an opportunity to learn about you without having to learn about your hardships in dating?

Keep it Light

The overall tone of your dating profile needs to be light and positive, but when you talk about bad dating experiences or bash the people you’ve talked to, you quickly give off a negative or angry vibe. Even worse, you could give someone the wrong impression about who you really are. If you don’t want to leave a bad taste in a potential date’s mouth, don’t vent about your dating frustrations in your profile. The last thing you want is for someone to write you off before even getting to know you.

For more great dating advice, get my book: Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve

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Should You Have A First Date On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and while this is great for couples, it’s not so great if you just met your date. If you go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you can expect restaurants to have a more intimate feel, you’ll be surrounded by couples showing a lot of affection, and you may be bombarded by people selling flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears.

The romantic pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day and seeing many other couples smooching, exchanging gifts, and holding hands could make the date feel very uncomfortable or awkward. Or, the romantic ambience might even make you want to act more lovey-dovey with your date than you should. 

On top of this, your server will most likely assume that you and your date are in a serious relationship and ask you questions or make comments that could make you both feel uncomfortable like, “How long have you been together?” “You guys look like such a happy couple!” “I love how you two are keeping your relationship spicy by celebrating Valentine’s.” “It must have been impossible for you guys to get a sitter tonight.”

When you are on your first few dates, you shouldn’t have to explain to anyone that you are not in a relationship or that you just started dating. But, this is often what happens when you have a date on Valentine’s and it’s the early stage of dating. Even if you have been on a couple of dates, going out on Valentine’s could add a little too much intensity to your budding romance.

First dates can be nerve-wrecking enough without the added pressure of being on Valentine’s Day. They should be fun and easy breezy, not jam-packed with tension from the extreme romance surrounding the date. So, you should definitely avoid having your first few dates on this one day of the year, but if for some reason you really can’t get around scheduling a Valentine’s Day date, try to do a fun activity that won’t incorporate the romance of Valentine’s Day.

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Why Online Dating Isn’t Easy For Men

While some people may think that men have it easy when it comes to online dating, they don’t have it as easy as you think. Yes, there are numerous vulnerable women looking for long-term relationships online, but there are also women out there that don’t have the best intentions.

When I spoke to a few men that had been online dating for several months, they all had similar complaints about the types of women they were meeting online. All of the men encountered women that were only looking for “friends” and each of them had stories about the explicit messages they received.

Some of the guys also said that there were women online that weren’t even single. These women either wanted companionship when their boyfriends weren’t around or they simply wanted an online “chat buddy.” Worst of all, three men said they encountered prostitutes. Specifically, one woman’s message read, “Hey handsome, p2p?” When I asked what “p2p” meant, I was told it meant “pay to play.” 

So, if you think men have it easy with online dating, think again. Online dating isn’t easy for anyone, there’s going to be a lot of garbage to sift through on these dating sites. But, you shouldn’t let it discourage you from continuing to see if you might meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right online.

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3 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting The Quality of Your Relationships

Smartphones and tablets have made it easier than ever to stay connected with the world at all times. But, at what cost? We get so used to checking our emails, texts, social media, and websites that we often don’t recognize the negative impact is has on our relationships.

Self-awareness of our behavior and how it impacts our relationships is an important step in the process of improving the quality of our relationships. So, here are 3 ways your smartphone is hurting the quality of your relationships:

1. You’re Not Engaged

When you’re constantly doing things on your phone, you aren’t staying in the moment. While you may feel present in a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re responding to texts, the reality is, you’re not.

You can’t truly be engaged with someone when part of your attention is focused on your phone. When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get carried away on your phone and not really enjoy the time you are spending with your partner. What could be an intimate or engaging evening turns out to be stale, boring, and mostly silent.

2. Your Sweetheart Feels Ignored

The attention your smartphone gets deprives your loved ones of the attention and affection they deserve. If you think being preoccupied with your phone goes unnoticed, even if it’s just while watching a movie, you’re sadly mistaken. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can definitely tell when you’re not in the moment. You’re physically there, but you’re not mentally there.

The person you’re dating shouldn’t feel like he or she has to compete with your smartphone for attention. You also don’t want your sweetie to feel like you aren’t interested in what he or she is saying because you’re half-heartedly engaged in conversations, only making one or two comments here and there.

No one likes feeling ignored or unimportant, but this is what happens when you focus on your phone more than what a person is saying.

3. It Decreases The Intimacy

Being more in tune with your phone than your sweetheart can take a toll on your relationship. You should be maximizing the time you spend with your honey and you do this by giving your undivided attention. Staying in the moment will allow you to increase the intimacy and connection between you two.

Don’t let texts, emails, social media, or candy crush get in the way of what you’re building. Unless there’s an emergency or an important business deal on the table, everything else can wait.

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Is A Facebook Friendship An Indicator of A Budding Relationship?

For some women, a Facebook friendship with the guys they’re dating is validation of a potential budding relationship. Although a Facebook friendship doesn’t mean you’re officially in an exclusive relationship, sometimes a lot of emphasis is put on a mans acceptance of a friend request. But, is a Facebook friendship really an indicator of a man’s interest in you or a budding relationship? Well, it depends, but not really.

The Facebook Friendship

Just because your friendship request is accepted doesn’t mean a guy really likes you or is open to a relationship with you. Some men have no problem being Facebook friends with women they have no intentions of dating seriously or even seeing again. So, just because the man you’re dating accepts your Facebook friend request doesn’t mean there is a budding relationship on the horizon.

However, if you have been dating a guy for a few weeks and he won’t accept your friend request this is a huge red flag! In this case, it’s guaranteed that you have no future with this man. If your friend request is rejected then it means there’s no real interest there and the guy is not that into you. Or, he may just want to continue dating other women.

The truth is, if a man genuinely likes you and is interested in the potential of an exclusive relationship with you, he will gladly accept your friend request. It’s as simple as that! A man who isn’t taking you seriously or doesn’t see any kind of future with you, most likely won’t want to have a social media friendship with you either.

Is It Too Soon For A Facebook Friendship?

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be Facebook friends with your new love interest, if you try to be Facebook friends too soon, you may send the wrong message. A man might think you’re a stalker, needy, or desperate if you’re Facebook friending him before you’ve even gone out on the first date or right after the first date. Wait until you have been dating for several weeks before sending a friend request to the guy you’re dating.

You should really take your time and get to know a man before you invite him into your social media life. This will also allow you to reduce the amount of senseless Facebook friendships you have with men you’ve only dated a couple of times.

All in all, you need to be cautious about placing too much emphasis on a Facebook friendship while also being able to acknowledge the implications of a rejected friend request. If he won’t be your Facebook friend, don’t fret just move on!

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Is Your Selfie Obsession Limiting The Intimacy in Your Relationship?

If you’re constantly taking selfies of you and your boyfriend when you’re doing things together, you can easily take away the deeper level of intimacy that you could be sharing in that moment. Instead of gazing into each other’s eyes and enjoying the moment to cultivate and maintain that spark, passion, and closeness during a beautiful meal, for example, you’re taking pictures of your food and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You want to maintain that great connection, passion, and intimacy in your relationship and you promote these things when you take advantage of every beautiful opportunity to simply enjoy each other. When you’re snapping all those pictures and posting them on social media, what is your man doing during this time? He has to just sit or stand there and wait for you to engage with him again. It’s not fair to him and it’s really not fair to yourself.

Why should you deprive your honey and the relationship of the full attention that it deserves? All to portray some image or lifestyle to your Facebook friends?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with capturing life’s beautiful moments, but it needs to be within reason. You don’t need to capture every last second of what you are doing with your boyfriend. And, you definitely don’t need to over do it by taking a bunch of pictures just to get that perfect shot to rub in everyone’s face on Facebook. 

Start taking advantage of the beautiful moments you get with your boyfriend instead of killing them with selfies!

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It’s A New Year And A New You!

It’s a brand new year and with that comes brand new opportunities. Opportunities for you to meet new people, change, grow, and date smarter! This year you should commit yourself to trying new things, going out more, enjoying your life, and having more fun! Try out some singles mixers, find a new hobby or re-dedicate yourself to an old hobby you liked.

But before you start enacting all these new year resolutions, the most important thing you need to do is reflect back on last year. This way, you can learn from your pitfalls and experiences and truly embrace becoming a better you. How were your relationships last year? What was your dating life like? Think about the ways you can improve yourself and your interactions with friends, family, and the new men that you meet.

There is a lot in store for you this year, but you hold the key to unlocking it! So, what kinds of changes do you want to make this year? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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After Two Years of Great Dating Advice…

The month of December makes two years since I started Dee’s Dating Diary. It has been an amazing journey and I am truly touched by all the people who have been reading, liking, and commenting on my blog.

From the personal dating and relationship stories you have shared with me to the support you have shown for Dee’s Dating Diary, I am honored to be a person you feel comfortable opening up to as well as a person whose advice you trust. 

After two years of bringing you valuable dating and relationship advice each and every Saturday, Dee’s Dating Diary is going on vacation! While I won’t be posting any new articles to my website until Saturday, January 9, 2016, you can still get great dating advice everyday if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

Follow me on Twitter here: Dee’s Dating Diary on Twitter

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Stay informed with the dating and relationship articles I’ll share on my social media and I’ll see you in the new year!

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If You Just Started Dating, Is It Too Soon To Exchange Holiday Gifts?

If you are a new couple or you have only been dating for a short amount of time, you may be wondering what to get your honey for the holidays. Or, you may be wondering if it is too soon to exchange gifts at all.

If you have been dating for about one month, go with something small, maybe a cute holiday teddy bear. Just keep it simple, it’s the thought that counts. But, if you have only been dating for three weeks or less, don’t worry about exchanging gifts.

After a few months of dating, you will definitely need to get your honey a holiday gift! It shouldn’t  be a tiny teddy bear, but it also shouldn’t be extravagant. Don’t over do it, but don’t make it look like your gift was an afterthought.

With it being the holiday season, now is the perfect time to perk your ears up for things your honey says he/she wants. If those things are too expensive to gift this early into the relationship, think of a hobby your partner enjoys and get them a gift that supports it.

If you are buying a gift for a woman, think romance, not practical! If you are buying a gift for a man, give yourself a small, but reasonable budget and stick with it!

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