You shouldn’t have to tell him to call you!

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Okay, ladies. Be honest, how many times have you found yourself asking the man you’re dating to call you?

Have you had to suggest that a man calls you even if he won’t be seeing you that particular day?

Well, if you’ve found yourself telling the man your dating to call you, let it be the last time!

The truth is, if you have to tell a man to call you, one, he’s not thinking about you; two, you’re not a priority to him; and three, he might not actually like you.

Maybe you had a bunch of dates that you thought were great while he felt that the dates were mediocre.

Ultimately, if you continue trying to force a relationship with a man that barely shows you any interest, you may actually end up in a relationship with this man, but you certainly won’t be happy in it.

If a man can’t even put in effort to call you regularly, do you honestly believe that he will put effort into other aspects of your relationship?

In the end, you’ll be the one with feelings of resentment and hurt. Honestly, you can find any man to take you for granted and not put effort into dating you or having a good relationship with you.

So, why not try something different? If you’ve been doing the same things over and over again in your dating life and you haven’t gotten the results that you want, then step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

For example:

1. Stop trying to force men to call you.

2. Don’t call a man too much.

  • This way you can actually see whether he would even call you and how frequently.

3. Stop wasting time on men that don’t give or show you much attention.

  • Know the difference between a man lusting after you and a man having genuine interest in getting to know who you are!

4. Continue putting yourself out there and date new people.

5. Stop waiting for the phone to ring, make plans and live your life!!!

Give it a try!

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9 thoughts on “You shouldn’t have to tell him to call you!

  1. Agreed! In the dating stage, a man should step the hell up. If/when things progress to “relationship,” I don’t think it matters who calls/texts whom first because it’s one ongoing string of connectedness. But dating? Yep, the man should be calling often, without nagging or prompting. And none of this BS texting at the last minute to see if someone’s free. Make a plan a couple days before and CALL!


  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! If more women read your blog Dee, there would be less ‘tepid’ relationships. I learned this lesson a while ago – now I know I’m fabulous and if a guy isn’t into me enough to be in regular contact, I’m out and I’m onto the next one!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂


  3. I agree! I think the same could also apply to texting you, especially replying to your texts. Communication is so important, and any guy that does not make the effort to maintain communication is just not that interested.


    • You make a great point about texting! I completely agree! And, you’re right, communication really is a critical part of any relationship and if a person is already having problems communicating, it’s a sign of more trouble to come! Great insight!! I appreciate your feedback!!


  4. ABSOLUTELY! I’m such a big believe in “He’s just not that into you…” So I completely agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said in this post. If a man isn’t calling you?…he’s just NOT that into you…so move on! …because someone will be 🙂


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