Do you want to know how to marry a Rich man???

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Have you found that your one priority, in terms of dating, is that you find and marry a rich man?

Well, a woman asked how she could meet and marry a rich man and allegedly the CEO of JP Morgan responded to her questions. This is definitely something that every woman looking for a rich man needs to read!!!!!

Check it out here: A Letter From JP Morgan CEO to Gold Diggers

What are you thoughts on this? Were these not words of wisdom? Leave your comments below!!!

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4 thoughts on “Do you want to know how to marry a Rich man???

  1. Very funny! Though at the end, his grammar fails, so idk if this is real. Regardless, it’s cute. But some pretty girls turn into gorgeous women, especially if they have unlimited money and time to work on their looks instead of having a real job. And you do see rich men with pretty wives, so that’s just silly. Maybe she should focus on sports/rock stars? Businessmen might rather have someone who actually loves them and supports them emotionally, plus someone smart if they want kids. And regarding wealth? It can fade the same as looks, so all buyers should beware.


  2. I agree that it is questionable whether this really was the CEO of JP Morgan responding to the woman’s questions. You make some really great points here! I agree that both men and women sometimes become more attractive with time, so the logic that beauty depreciates over time isn’t always true. And, for the women chasing money, you’re definitely right that wealth can be lost so there’s risk there too. Thanks for your great insights!! I’m glad you enjoyed the read!


    • I completely agree and I do not support marrying for money. You should read the entire original article I reposted here, it actually, in no way, advocates marrying for money. I hope you take the time to read it! Thanks for commenting!


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