Help! He Got My Number, But Never Called!

How many times has a guy asked you for your phone number, but then never actually call you? Like many other women, you probably wonder why a man would go out of his way to get your number if he has no intentions of ever using it. 

Well, some men may only be getting your number to see if you would actually give it to them or to see if they still “got it.” But the truth is, if a man gets your phone number and never calls you, he just wasn’t that interested in you. 

If you mutually exchanged numbers with the guy that doesn’t call, there’s usually a strong temptation to call the guy yourself. You make up excuses for him like, maybe he got a new phone and lost my phone number or maybe he’s not sure if I’m interested and wants to see if I’ll call him. Whatever excuses you tell yourself so that you can make that phone call are only hurting you because it prolongs the inevitable, you never seeing or hearing from this guy again. 

If he wasn’t interested enough to actually call you, there is nothing you can say to this man on the phone that is going to all of a sudden conjure up feelings for you. You have to be able to take a situation for what it is, if he’s not calling you, he’s not feeling you! Don’t prolong the inevitable by calling the guy who doesn’t feel like calling you. Your time and energy would be better spent on anything else!

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