Red Flag: He Sells You The Dream Relationship

Have you ever gone out with a man who “sold you the dream?” Well, this is a big red flag! You have to be very careful with any man who sells you the dream relationship because it is usually just that, a dream.

What is Selling The Dream?

Men who sell you the dream try to lull you into a false sense of confidence in the prospect of a future together by telling you all the things you might want to hear. This man will tell you that he’s really into you, he’s seriously looking for a woman that he can build a future with and start a family with. He’ll tell you that you’re the type of woman he can see himself marrying, that he can tell you would be a great mother and wife.

He might suggest various types of dates you could go on in the future. He might even tell you that he wants to show you the world and take you to places that you’ve never been. This guy will literally tell you anything that sounds good. 

Why Sell The Dream?

The men who sell you the dream on your first few dates lay it on thick and paint a picture of this amazing relationship you could have because they want you to think that you’ll have a future together. But most importantly, they want you to feel extremely comfortable and open so they can get you in bed as quickly as possible.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to spot the guy who is selling you the dream because he is basically going to try to convince you that what you have is more than what it really is and then try to get in your pants. What you really need to do is slow down, pace the dating process, and pay close attention to this man’s actions.

Don’t Buy The Hype

Remember, actions speak louder than words and it’s not always the actions during the date itself that are the most telling of a man’s intent. If you reject his advances and he respects that and continues to date you and treat you like a gentleman then great!

However, if he lays it on thick, tries to come onto you, gets rejected and rarely calls or communicates with you between dates, then he’s definitely selling you the dream. You can’t rush the dating process so slow down and keep your eyes open!

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2 thoughts on “Red Flag: He Sells You The Dream Relationship

  1. Huh. I thought my behavior as a date sucked because I thought this guy’s behavior was the ideal.

    Woman I dated the other day mentioned her last time trying to date was a guy like this. He took her extensive online profile and used it as a guide to woo her in an effort to mold himself into her dream guy. That scared her out of the scene for a few years.


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