Why Nice Guys Finish Last (and it’s not because they aren’t bad boys)

We’ve all heard the saying “nice guys finish last,” but the major view is that nice guys finish last because they aren’t bad boys and I disagree with this. I find that a lot of nice guys get burned by women, not because they were nice guys, but because they were chasing after the wrong women.
A nice guy that’s a good man deserves a good woman as well, and a woman who has not matured enough to understand that she wants the wrong men, the “bad boys,” based on her own insecurities and self-worth issues isn’t worth a nice guy’s time. 
Bad Girls Won’t Treat You Well
For the nice guys who have managed to get that girl who loves bad boys into a relationship, many of them will tell you how badly they were treated in the relationship. From being talked to disrespectfully to being used financially, to being taken for granted and cheated on, nice guys just aren’t treated well by women who crave the attention of bad boys.
Nice guys that get burned by these women were usually shown signs that the women weren’t right for him or wasn’t interested in him for who he was. And deep down inside, nice guys know that these aren’t the type of woman they really want to be in a long-term relationship with, but still, they hope these women will see the light and change. 
Unfortunately, it’s usually a woman’s beauty and hot body that blinds nice guys from their better judgement. But it could also be pure desperation. 
Is She In The Right Mental Place?
The bottom line is, when you go after women who are still on the self-destructive relationship path, you’re bound to get hurt in your efforts to show her real love. A woman can only accept the right love when she is in the right mental place.
So, picking an evolved, mature, self-confident (not arrogant) woman is how nice guys can finish first! This is the kind of woman who will always appreciate you for who you are and never take you for granted. Let the women who love the drama filled relationships have just that and set your sights on something better. 
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Photo Credit: Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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