Is It Okay To Tell The Man You’re Dating What To Wear?

Dear Dee’s Dating Diary,

Is it okay to tell the guy you’re dating what to wear?

Dear Dater,

If you’re dating a man and simply don’t like his choice of clothes, it’s not okay to try to control how he dresses. Once you’re in a committed relationship, you can make some suggestions of clothes that you think would look great on him, but it’s still up to him to accept those suggestions. 

However, if you’re going on a date that requires a guy to dress up or dress down, you definitely want to let him know. It wouldn’t be right to let your date show up to a nice place in a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. 

While some women find it difficult to accept certain men’s dress style, if you’re dating a great guy who treats you well, the last thing you should be thinking about is his choice of clothes. 

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Good luck and happy dating!

Yours Truly,

Dee Simone

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2 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Tell The Man You’re Dating What To Wear?

  1. Agreed. Though I rarely date, I’m in SoCal and resigned to men never dressing up for anything. I grew up back east though, where it was normal for a man to wear a sportsjacket to dinner. Collared shirts were seen frequently too. Out here it’s all jeans and tee shirts. But you’re right ~ it’s not the most important thing. I just miss every once in a while (once, twice a year) getting “fancy.” I would never tell a date how to dress though. That’s rude.


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