Do You Only Like Football Because Your Boyfriend Loves It?

Most of us know at least one woman who has a habit of taking on her boyfriend’s interests as her own. If her boyfriend loves football, she loves football. If her boyfriend loves golf, she all of a sudden loves golf too. While there is nothing wrong with trying to enjoy the things that your partner likes, you should never pretend to love something that you don’t really feel strongly about.

If you don’t really like football, that’s okay! You can find ways to enjoy game day without putting on an act. If you like cooking, invite some friends over, make some yummy finger foods, and enjoy the social aspect of watching the game. 

Or, allow your boyfriend to enjoy the game with his friends and reconnect with your own friends and do something that you love. Being in a relationship does not mean that you should spend every second together. It’s okay to let your partner enjoy their pastimes or hobbies on their own while you do the same. Your relationship will thrive more if you allow a little individual space and time into it.

Who Are You?

The reality is, the men you date are not always going to like everything that you like. What’s important is that they allow you to be yourself and enjoy the things that you love. This goes both ways. So instead of trying to make your boyfriend’s hobbies your own, start being true to yourself right now. You need to get back to who you really are or take the time to figure out who that person is. 

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have any hobbies or interests,” then you need to cultivate some. There has to be something that peaks your interest that you can do. Whether it’s hiking, camping, swimming, dancing, playing music, drawing, painting, reading, bowling, or volunteering, there is something out there for everyone. Find your passions and pursue them!

You want a man who is going to love you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. If a man really likes you or loves you, the fact that you don’t enjoy sports as much as him won’t be an issue unless you try to prevent him from watching those sports.

And I feel like I should mention that just because you don’t like football doesn’t mean you should keep your boyfriend from watching it, but you don’t need to act like it’s your favorite thing in the world because your man feels that way. Be comfortable with who you are and be true to yourself so you can really enjoy your life to the fullest!

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