Five Can’t-Miss Suggestions to Design the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Check out these great suggestions for Valentine’s Day!!


The perfect Valentine’s Day is definitely not just dinner. That’s for amateurs. The whole day should be a celebration of love! To really make an impact, it needs to be a day of ultimate romance that she’ll never forget. What better way to prove your love? Need some ideas? Here are five can’t-miss suggestions to help you design your own perfect Valentine’s Day for your lady.

1. Set the Tone With a Romantic Breakfast

Breakfast in bed for your lady is a must on Valentine’s Day. If you live together, get up before her and cook her favorite morning meal, put it on a tray with a little vase with a few grocery store flowers, and the morning newspaper and bring it to her in bed. If you don’t live together, arrange to go over to her place to cook. If you have a key to her apartment, use that…

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