Do You Share the Same Values?

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Having shared values can definitely reduce the amount of disagreements you have in various areas of your relationship.

For example, if you both want to have kids but practice different religions, there could be serious disagreements over how to raise the children.

But, this is not to say that if you don’t share most of the same values your relationship won’t work. I’m not saying that all!!

Ultimately, it comes down to each persons ability to compromise and be flexible in their “ways.”

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Image courtesy of Stockimages /

Don’t Count Him Out!

The truth is, you could meet a great man that doesn’t share the same beliefs as you, but is accepting of your choice and willing to expose your children to both religions.

So, try to not get caught up in having all of the same beliefs as your man and keep yourself open to great men that could come along in very different packages!!

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2 thoughts on “Do You Share the Same Values?

  1. I have been in a couple “marriage-bound” relationships and in both instances when I sat back and asked myself “If we have a child and I were to die, would he raise the child the way I think is important?” Both times the answer was no and I realized we didn’t share the basic, foundational values. Opposites may attract, but compatibility is needed for the long haul. Great post, Dee!


  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective! I think flexibility and compromise go a long way in creating compatibility where there may not have been any based on a comparison of rigid lists of “wants” in a partner.

    It’s important not to be too rigid in what you want in a man because, the truth is, love might not come along in the exact package that you expect it to. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts!!


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