5 Red Flags For Women To Watch For

Last week I discussed 5 red flags that men need to pay attention to, so this week I’ve addressed 5 red flags that women should watch for. I wrote this article for Singles Warehouse and you can access it on their website here: 5 Red Flags For Women To Watch For

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2 thoughts on “5 Red Flags For Women To Watch For

  1. Sorry, but I think your first two just stoke the flames of paranoia. It’s polite not to answer a phone when on a date. Secondly. even when in a relationship do you automatically discard your need for privacy? Maybe it’s just me as an introvert that I crave my own space sometimes.

    If he’s going out with his “boys” on the weekend instead of seeing you, trust me, he’s just not that into you! Period!

    Dee… seriously! Sometimes I think you come out with the most succinct advice and then sometimes you come out with utter nonsense. Please don’t start validating women turning into control freaks! Why expect a man to give up nights out with his friends or an interest he has at the weekends? Because I sure as hell don’t expect my girlfriend to give up her hobbies to spend extra time with me. You work around things. Just because somebody comes your top priority, doesn’t mean they should become your only priority: even when in a relationship, it is important to keep interests outside of each other.


    • Thanks for checking out my article! I do see a difference between maintaining your hobbies and relationships with family and friends while you’re in a relationship as opposed to meeting a woman and never making time to see her on any weekends.

      I certainly don’t advocate dropping friends and family for any person you’re dating. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Thanks!!


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