Deal Breaker: He’s A Deadbeat Dad

Dating a man who is a deadbeat dad is a huge deal breaker especially if you’re interested in having a family one day. A deadbeat dad is a man who doesn’t take care of the children he has fathered, doesn’t spend time with his kids, or refuses to pay child support. 

The relationship a man has with his children is an indicator of how he may act if you start a family together. If a man is not willing to be a parent to the children he helped bring into this world then you can’t expect him to be any more involved with the children you have together. When a man neglects his own child, this may also be a sign that you could be neglected down the line as well.

You want a man that can step up to the plate and take care of his responsibilities, not ignore them. And the whole, “my baby’s mother won’t let me see my kids” is garbage! Fathers have a right to see their children and that right can be enforced in court. If a man isn’t willing to get a lawyer to fight for his right to see his child then he’s a deadbeat dad and not worth seeing at all! 

Never date a man who isn’t willing to be there for his own child

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2 thoughts on “Deal Breaker: He’s A Deadbeat Dad

  1. Thanks for this I have struggled and felt guilty even though it was never my choice and have never said the words you can’t see them… All I ask is that he stick around and act like one, not disappear often because that would be hurtful to the kids like he was hurtful to me. He chose what he chose and I have had to do what I have had to. I have come to terms with the situation and I know now that none of it was my fault and I’ve done right by my children xx


    • Thanks for opening up about your experience. You definitely can’t blame yourself for someone else’s actions or lack of action. We can’t control people, as much as we would all love to, and that means we have to stay focused on what we can control– ourselves.

      Keep focused on what is within your control, loving the heck out of your kids!

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