Is A Facebook Friendship An Indicator of A Budding Relationship?

For some women, a Facebook friendship with the guys they’re dating is validation of a potential budding relationship. Although a Facebook friendship doesn’t mean you’re officially in an exclusive relationship, sometimes a lot of emphasis is put on a mans acceptance of a friend request. But, is a Facebook friendship really an indicator of a man’s interest in you or a budding relationship? Well, it depends, but not really.

The Facebook Friendship

Just because your friendship request is accepted doesn’t mean a guy really likes you or is open to a relationship with you. Some men have no problem being Facebook friends with women they have no intentions of dating seriously or even seeing again. So, just because the man you’re dating accepts your Facebook friend request doesn’t mean there is a budding relationship on the horizon.

However, if you have been dating a guy for a few weeks and he won’t accept your friend request this is a huge red flag! In this case, it’s guaranteed that you have no future with this man. If your friend request is rejected then it means there’s no real interest there and the guy is not that into you. Or, he may just want to continue dating other women.

The truth is, if a man genuinely likes you and is interested in the potential of an exclusive relationship with you, he will gladly accept your friend request. It’s as simple as that! A man who isn’t taking you seriously or doesn’t see any kind of future with you, most likely won’t want to have a social media friendship with you either.

Is It Too Soon For A Facebook Friendship?

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be Facebook friends with your new love interest, if you try to be Facebook friends too soon, you may send the wrong message. A man might think you’re a stalker, needy, or desperate if you’re Facebook friending him before you’ve even gone out on the first date or right after the first date. Wait until you have been dating for several weeks before sending a friend request to the guy you’re dating.

You should really take your time and get to know a man before you invite him into your social media life. This will also allow you to reduce the amount of senseless Facebook friendships you have with men you’ve only dated a couple of times.

All in all, you need to be cautious about placing too much emphasis on a Facebook friendship while also being able to acknowledge the implications of a rejected friend request. If he won’t be your Facebook friend, don’t fret just move on!

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Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

Image courtesy of TungPhoto at

Image courtesy of TungPhoto at

Facebook was created as on online medium to stay connected with friends, but, in truth, it’s a forum that showcases every last thing about your personal life.

While you do have the ability to change your privacy settings on Facebook and control who sees what content, the majority of Facebook users (both men and women) are putting way too much information about themselves on their Facebook profiles.

Specifically, when it comes to Facebook relationship statuses, many women tend to broadcast each and every one of their relationships to the Facebook world.

Image courtesy of Arztsamui at

Image courtesy of Arztsamui at

When Is It Ok To Change Your Facebook Relationship Status?

Unless you’re married, you should never put your relationship status on Facebook.

Many of the people you’re “friends” with on Facebook aren’t actually your real friends, so you shouldn’t be sharing all your relationships with them.

Truly, it’s nobody’s business on Facebook to know when and who you are in a relationship with.

As you get older and cultivate more Facebook friends that are co-workers and people you met in networking or business events, you especially don’t need to share details about your personal life.

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Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Relationship Status On Facebook

I know a lot of you are probably fighting this piece of dating advice, but think about how bad you’ve felt when you’ve had to change your relationship status back to single and you get bombarded with questions directly on your Facebook wall about why the relationship ended.

When you’re Facebook “friends” ask, “Oh my goodness, are you okay,” and “what happened,” on your wall do you really want to respond to these questions directly on your Facebook wall as well? Of course not!

The truth is, no one wants to answer relationship questions on their Facebook wall or any public forum for that matter.

But, because you put your relationship on blast on Facebook, you opened yourself up to people you barely know and friends with bad Facebook etiquette asking you seriously personal questions in a public forum where you wouldn’t want to answer them.

Another reason why you shouldn’t share you’re relationship status on Facebook is that you don’t want everyone on Facebook keeping track of the number of relationships that you’ve had.

Image courtesy of Graur Codrin at

Image courtesy of Graur Codrin at

You’re Single Until You’re Married

Remember, you’re single until you’re married!

When you’re filling out applications or forms, you can only select single, married, or divorced. There’s no box to select for “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated.”

Since you’re single until you’re married, your Facebook relationship status should reflect that!

When you’re married, you can freely and happily broadcast that on Facebook, but until that time keep your relationship status as “single” on your Facebook and other social media accounts.

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