How Often Do You Check Your Online Dating Profile?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

We live in a time where we are constantly connected to technology and our phones, checking our favorite social media apps, blogs, podcasts, and plenty of other things on the internet. But, while we do spend so much time “online” some online daters forget the importance of regularly checking their online dating profiles.

If you never had intentions of giving online dating a genuine chance, then you won’t feel the need to log in to your online dating site very often. However, if you do want to give online dating a real shot, you have to realize that a consistent presence on your dating site is imperative.

Many people don’t realize that some online dating sites or apps will delete messages that users have sent you after a certain amount of time has passed. If you rarely go on your dating site, you could be missing out on meeting great people without even knowing it.

Once you’ve started a conversation with someone on your dating site, it’s even more important to consistently check your profile for new messages. A part of having success in online dating is your ability to keep the momentum of the conversation and interest going.

But, when you rarely check your messages and respond to messages weeks later, the person who contacted you could have moved on and connected with someone else.

So, if you want to see more results in your online dating life, check your profile messages every 1-2 days, at a minimum!

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5 Online Dating Don’ts

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Although online dating is extremely prevalent around the world, online dating etiquette is definitely lagging! So, for the online daters out there that just don’t know, here’s 5 online dating don’ts:

1. No Hats or Sunglasses in Your Profile Pictures

We all have some fabulous pictures of ourselves in hats or sunglasses, or even both! But, your online dating profile is not the place for these pictures. Hats and sunglasses actually hide a lot of your face and this is not what you want to showcase.

Your profile pictures should give people a real sense of what you look like and not be just a gorgeous illusion of you.

2. Don’t Lie About Your Education

Many women meet men online that claim to have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or “some college,” and turn out to have nothing beyond high school.

While there’s nothing wrong with only having a high school diploma, the problem is when you lie about it. Some men feel the need to lie about their education in order to seem more appealing to women who do have advanced degrees.

Here’s the thing, a woman with advanced degrees could be open to dating a man with a high school diploma or GED, but she most likely won’t want to date a liar. So, be up front about your education and don’t say you did “some college” when you did no college at all.

3. Don’t Vent About Dating in Your Online Dating Profile

You would think some people would know better, but nope! For some, it’s perfectly okay to vent about bad online dating experiences. For example, “I’m looking for a good woman. I’m tired of all the women on this site that are just looking for a man to buy them dinner and pay their bills. No, I won’t pay your car note! If you’re a down to earth, independent woman send me a message 🙂 .”

This is not okay! And, it’s not going to get you the responses you think it will. Your online dating profile is not the place to vent about your dating experiences. Save these venting sessions for your friends and family.

4. Don’t Lie About Your Job

You should never lie about your job, which includes saying your occupation is a job you had over a year or more ago. I mean, if you’ll lie about your job, what else will you lie about?

Honesty and trust are very important foundations of a relationship. Ultimately, lies destroy trust. And, when you try to build a relationship on lies, your foundation will always be shaky and unstable.

5. Don’t Talk About Your Ex In Your Profile

NEVER talk about your ex in your online dating profile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quick reference to what you didn’t like about your ex, like “My ex was super selfish and I think she was cheating on me so I need a loyal woman” or whether it’s an all out story telling time for what happened in the relationship.

Your ex should never be a point of conversation on your online dating profile or your first dates!! If you feel that strongly about including your ex in your profile description or conversation, it may be too soon for you to start dating again. Take a little more time to heal from the relationship before jumping back into the dating game.

Now that we’re more than a decade into online dating, it’s time that our online dating etiquette reflect that!

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