21 Pieces Of Relationship “Advice” You Should Always Ignore

Plenty of these “tips” should be ignored!!! My favorite was “You can’t expect [insert act of basic human decency here] from men. They’re hopeless.”

This is hilarious! Why shouldn’t we expect basic human decency from men?? It’s time to stop cutting men so much slack that they can get away with having no human decency! Great post! Thanks for the laughs!

Access the full article here: 21 Pieces of Relationship Advice you Should Always Ignore

Thought Catalog

If you are a single girl in your 20s (or single guy, I would imagine), you are constantly receiving advice — both useful and… not — about how to fall in love and live happily ever after. While most people will mean well, it’s important to know which ones to completely forget about. Here are 21 pearls of wisdom to avoid entirely:

1. “You should settle down by [insert age here], it’s all downhill from there.”

2. “You shouldn’t settle down before [insert age here], you have too much else to do with your life.”

3. “Taking someone’s last name is one of the most important parts of getting married, don’t be a stubborn feminist about it.”

4. “If you don’t make finding a relationship your priority, you’re going to end up alone. A job is not going to hold you while you’re falling asleep at night.”

5. “Don’t stop…

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2 thoughts on “21 Pieces Of Relationship “Advice” You Should Always Ignore

  1. I must say I truly enjoy your blog. I’m constantly exploring the ever evolving creature known as the “relationship” through my own blog so it’s refreshing to see others out there giving the same straight forward, no nonsense advice that people need to not only find healthy relationships, but to also help keep the passion in a healthy relationship. Good stuff.


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